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  1. Kenjeepman78
    The track came with studs and is pre drilled for a crap ton of them. I have removed half of them As I feel they are too long for the track and some were bent. Lugs are in excellent shape. I...
  2. Panheadgirl
    Sweet Sled ;)!! Get it away from all the other stuff and take some real photos - That is a pinup machine !
  3. Sergio
    My sled is new . Should I lube the turbo bolts with anti seize. ...
  4. Sergio
    Still new , bought it in April 2019. , ready to go , but no Snow. I guess I’ll need to use my trailer in Dec to get some miles on it. Swisha next weekend.
  5. Trailgroomer
    I groomed for Trailriders out of Baldwin. This coming winter I am gonna groom with Cadillac Winter Promotions.

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