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    Venom codes

    Picked up a new 2021 venom for my soon to be 12 year old son a few months ago. Added some accessories including studs and ran it on the stand. Code 1006 and 1639 were flashing. It also seems like it takes a long time to start versus my winder. Dealer recommend bringing it in and thinks the 1006...
  2. bhall80

    Stub shaft bearing question

    Would Mobile 1 synthetic work or should I use the iso flex suggested above ?
  3. bhall80

    Stub shaft bearing question

    What brand or kind? Looks like a dry grease unlike the the other drive bearings.
  4. bhall80

    Stub shaft bearing question

    Popped the seal. Do I add any grease?
  5. bhall80

    Arctic Cat bearing puller

    Yup lube and impact worked !
  6. bhall80

    Arctic Cat bearing puller

    Thanks, the painted threads on the long bolt do not thread easily! Any suggestions?
  7. bhall80

    Arctic Cat bearing puller

    Thank you. Do I need to remove snap ring for the puller to work?
  8. bhall80

    Arctic Cat bearing puller

    Not quite sure how to work this. The bronze part will not fit on the inside of the wheel because of the plastic cover. Any ideas?
  9. bhall80

    Phazer vs New Venom

    Thanks for the feedback! The Venom seems like the best route. My son has no other motor sports experience than the Scoot.
  10. bhall80

    Phazer vs New Venom

    My oldest will be 12 and trail ready next season. 5’2” and weighs around 90 lbs. He has only been on a Snoscoot. I like the idea of the new Venom but not totally stoked about a 2-stroke since all my other sleds in the fleet are 4. Let’s hope the clutching on the Venom is a non issue going...
  11. bhall80

    2022 400 Updates

    I am curious if there are updates too. I have been following TY comments here and talked with few folks on the trail. Unless some of these bugs are worked out I may need to go another direction for my 12 year old.
  12. bhall80

    Sled Advice

    Unfortunately my season ended with shoulder surgery 5 days ago. 6-9 months of PT and I should be ready to go next season with caution. I may need to get my other shoulder done at some point as well. Given that I may need to “take it easy” for a few seasons... which sled set up would be easiest...
  13. bhall80

    Seat Jack Not For Kids

    I had the same experience with my 9 year old and LTX Viper. In the off season will need to make a custom footrest to help support but the hand rests still are pretty wide for a 9 year old. I also have an older version of a seat jack with handles on a 2002 viper which works better for my little...
  14. bhall80

    Knock Light Causes

    The Lucas octane says 15 oz per 25 gallons so I figured around 6 oz per 10 gallons would work. I spoke with Dave at Hurricane today and he doesn’t feel a knock should go off at all at 240 tune based on gas. He also thinks 14.8 boost on 240 tune is a little high. He is turning on datalogger for...