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Jun 24, 2020
Nov 29, 2003
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Bend Oregon

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Vendor, from Bend Oregon

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Jun 24, 2020
    1. kallholmen
      Yup. So phazer a-arms? Tell me. Guess you’ve seen my sled? It’s still fun and gets a lot of attention but it’s still not as nimble in the hills as I want it to be.
    2. oldmannytro
      I need to get ahold of you as I have a bent lower a arm, a 43+2. Would like to get a replacement. 11 nytro. The arm outside of the shock mount has bent upwards
      1. oldmannytro
        Right hand
        Mar 9, 2019
    3. alswagg2
      I have several of your items on my sled and really impressed with the quality. Thinking of changing A arms. I have a 09 xtx. With MTX skis 14,500+ miles. I am leaning toward your 41” arms. We do a lot of two tracks 60” wide trails in groomed and we ride fully groomed as well. What are your thoughts? Thanks. Al
    4. Grayrenegade
      Getting set up to install your 41 X 2 A-arms however went to your website and there are no installation instructions available....says they are coming however for the last two weeks there has been no up date ?? Would greatly appreciate some help in this matter...the snow will be here soon and I would like to be ready...Thanks !!!
    5. Deeppow16
      Hey Mountaintech! I just purchased a set of 38" +3" a-arms from you. How long does it usually take you to ship them out? I'm getting a bunch of stuff powder coated on my sled and I'm just trying to coordinate when everything will be coming in. Thanks! Very excited to get your kit installed and use it this winter.
    6. pc360
      I have a '09 Nytro XTX w/1.75 Backcounrty and OFT steering re-locator everything else is stock.

      How would a marriage of your 41+2 crossover suspension and the JRE spindles work?
      Would two rights make a wrong?
      Would the benefits of both cancel each other out? Is your 41+2 the right fit?
    7. rinkerman
      Have 2013 yamaha FX nytro. Interested in purchase a heat ex changer kit. Please advise price & lead time.
      1. Mountaintech
        No longer building cooler kits. Peter
        Dec 13, 2016
    8. Woodchuck89
      Still have tunnel cooler kits for the xtx for sale?
    9. drag123
      will you honor the spring sale for the 43+ 2 front end kit for the fx nytro for $670
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    Bend Oregon
    sleds, atving, aircraft, fast cars


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