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    Clutch servicing

    And the Issue was??
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    Clutch servicing

    Thats true. But it still the same concept. You still have to pre-load it
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    Clutch servicing

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    If you have a phone number I can send ya video of what I'm talking about

    If you have a phone number I can send ya video of what I'm talking about
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    Clutch servicing

    It will all come together when you see what I mean
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    Clutch servicing

    I think thats your issue
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    Clutch servicing

    Has anybody asked you if you pre loaded the spring before trying to adjust the deflection? Not one person asked if you loaded the spring before you tried adjusting. Because if it ain't loaded the spring will not pull the sheaves together using the cam and sliders to hold it tight. There is 3...
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    primary clutch froze after traveling north

    Ok...….….You could hammer on the Clutch side cover and hope for the best
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    Picked up the 02 viper!

    Mine had 7400 miles when I found mine cracked after I took the Carbs off to drain them for the Summer. It cracks in a real bad place to because the front cooler is riveted on right there. Talked to some guys at the Salvage yard said they have seen a few of them and what they recommend is to use...
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    Klim made in China?

    Gotta love it... Just bought a Carhartt Arctic wear jacket. Got home and looked at it closer then trying it on and sure enough the tag said Made In Mexico!!! WTF???
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    Picked up the 02 viper!

    Get a SRX Bump Stop for the Engine or the Frame will crack right by the Fuel pump under the Engine mount.
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    AmsOil Vs. Yamalube

    Wasn't at one time Yamalube was made by Citgo until Mr. Cavass or whatever his name was died? But here in Superior Wi where they manufacture Amsoil but they don't have there own Refinery. They buy there base stock from guess who? That's right comes right from Houston Tx from Mobile in 30,000 gal...
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    Current State of Trails in Northern Wisconsin

    Trails will be awesome up here in Douglas County come Monday. Groomers will be out in full force because the late Deer Hunting is over.
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    Dirt and Grim

    Starting Fluid
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    Whats The Stock Holes To Use On A 2006 Apex 121" Driven Clutch

    Hey thanks all, Tried it at the 60 deg but might have to go up to 70