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    the tank bag already holds 12 beers, cant imagine what the tug hill edition would look like
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    (Season 2013-14) TY Mileage – Yellowknife

    my god, your buddy rolls over every ten minutes. then he just lays there and waits for someone to pick him up. I think I would eventually leave him there
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    couldn't find an up to date high milage post, so I dug this one up. curious what the highest known nytro has. I have 11000 miles. I assume there are some out there with 20-30,000 on them
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    How many miles did you ride this season

    did almost 3000 miles, most on the nytro. nytro has 11050miles and the apex near 9000
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    Calliper rubbing on rotor

    looks easy to install a belt
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    Valve guides

    why was the engine torn down, what were the symptoms. did it have a dead cylinder?
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    fuel starvation at wot

    yes it has a rev limiter, but its 9300 or so. I will dive into it this spring and update. I figure if nothing else it may be the pump
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    fuel starvation at wot

    donuts are fine and have changed them before, were fine then too. just got back from 530 miles. definetly starving. either a kinked line or obstruction of some sort
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    fuel starvation at wot

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    fuel starvation at wot

    no, its a snow screen, doubt its plugged, plus I blocked the inlet off with mechanics cloth when new to keep critters out and its starving, not choking
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    Help on XTX Cluthing.

    I did the rollers 4000 mi ago and love it. I like the lack of engine breaking and the smooth low engagement. also bought the spring, but never tried it. put near 5000mi on the last belt and was still good
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    fuel starvation at wot

    have almost 10,000 mi. for the last 1000 has had a slight fuel starvation at wot. at first thought it was the rev limiter, until I watched the tach. no problem up to like 7/8 throttle, just half the time at wot it starves enough to notice. the only filter I see is on the pump. anyone else...
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    triple rate twisted front springs xtx

    Have 9500 miles, star suspension with modification since 6000. put 350 on the new front springs and love it. dropped the front 3 or 4 inches and rides beatifull. definetly takes more leaning now, but worth it
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    Reverse to get unstuck

    what is this word "stuck"?
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    Star Suspension kit for XTX skid

    I am a mechanic and can tell you with certainty that a long bolt going through a hollow mount is a problem. exact same problem as the drive shaft bolt that breaks on half the machines. it would stand a chance if it were a solid mount, but I figured just move the mount. If you want to take it...