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  1. sledheadgeorge

    Info to install r motion suspension in 04 RX-1

    Take mount points and geometry from doner sled and transfer to receiving sled. Might have to make or move drop down brackets at back of tunnel.
  2. sledheadgeorge

    Snowtacker semi aggressive vs aggressive on 2021

    I went with a single deep keel ski on my 18 with aggressive snowtrackers. Just like power steering once set up. The Yammi mountain Ski I used, is similar to the new Yami ski, but wider. I've had good results with similar set ups over the past 11 years with the snowtrackers, on 4 different Yamaha's.
  3. sledheadgeorge

    SRX ?

    So would that include both fronts and front rear skid? Reason I've asked is because I would like to lower the sled for handling reasons. I know the ride might get compromised, but that's fine by me.
  4. sledheadgeorge

    SRX ?

    How is the SRX lowered? Is it rear skid shock, shocks or just skid position?
  5. sledheadgeorge

    Removing snap ring behind secondary info, check yours.

    Good to know. I removed my citclip as well and ran it that way last season. Did not have any issues but wasn't comfortable with that, so I had the secondary cut and put the clip back on for the proper offset.
  6. sledheadgeorge

    Limiter strap ?

  7. sledheadgeorge

    Limiter strap ?

    Is there any easy way to pull the straps up one whole or do I have to pull the skid?
  8. sledheadgeorge

    *CDN* WTB / Skid for 2000 Yamaha Venture VT600D Or Equivalent Fitting Part

    I have a 136 skid that will fit from an 04 Warrior. PM if you're intrested.
  9. sledheadgeorge

    Tunnel mount point & Skid ?

    That's very interesting on the lower mount for the arcs. I ride the mountains couple times a year where my son lives and see quite a few skids lowered on the rear skid mount bracket. I've been told by a few who have built custom machines, a lowered skid rear point helps move out the snow better.
  10. sledheadgeorge

    Another Drive Shaft Question

    What kind of shim you use? I was actually thinking about posting about this topic. There are shims available. Don't know how effective they are and how many have tried them though. Might take a crack at this later this summer when I get to it.
  11. sledheadgeorge

    Tunnel mount point & Skid ?

    Can anyone tell me about these mount holes, for the rear skid in the tunnel?
  12. sledheadgeorge

    No bashing. Who is not studded- 15" x 137" x 1.25"

    Pre studded 1.22 Ice Attack XT Has the small grippers. Happy with performance and traction. Totally stock, no tunes.
  13. sledheadgeorge

    upper gear bushing

    Wouldn't it be sweet to be able to adapt an Apex chain case to this chassis? Just dreaming.
  14. sledheadgeorge

    New MTN Ski

    I've dialed then in this season and love them. They give the Winder much needed flotation, have a good deep keel. They hold the line real well in the big sweepers while trail riding. I use the aggressive snowtrackers on mine and very happy with them.