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    09 nytro xtx no power when ignition on

    If do a search within the Nytro forum there’s several threads explaining where the ground blocks are located.
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    09 nytro xtx no power when ignition on

    If the battery is good check the connector on the ignition switch harness, and the ignition/starter solenoid. If neither of these pan out corroded ground blocks or critters chewing up wiring in the off season are also possibilities.
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    Vlog #23- Yamaha Spotlight with Tom Grawey- MrSled

    Oh man! Sledy is famous!!!
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    3200 km and need to change roller, weight, washer of Clutch ?!

    You’d be better off buying a good used Apex/Nytro/Vector/RX1 clutch for your ‘Winder.
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    Long track (121 to 144)

    Yammy dropped the top gear a tooth on the longer track versions of the Apex from the factory, I’ve done the same with the sleds I’ve converted. They also changed the secondary spring to a white at 60* on the 06-10 sleds, I did this as well when running stock clutching set ups.
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    Long track (121 to 144)

    Pretty sure the Mono skid has geometry issues if you extend it beyond 136/137 and don’t set it back. I’ve done several conversions over the years and they’ve all worked out really well, absolutely worth the time/cost/effort.
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    Crank but no start

    No need to drain the oil. I’d give Travis a shout like mentioned above if I was you and take it from there.
  8. Stubbs

    Crank but no start

    It’s the crank position sensor, which is part of the stator assembly. Pretty common failure with Apex’s that have some miles on them, time to replace it.
  9. Stubbs

    Installing inner tie rod ends

    Do a search for the thread Grizztracks did for re/re of the front subframe, that will give you all the info needed.
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    08 fx nytro switchback suspension

    Of your Nytro is indeed 121 and has a 2.52” pitch track, and the 144 is a 2.52” pitch as well, then you are fine as far as the drivers are concerned. Grafting that suspension in is possible, but you’re going to need detailed measurements from the donor sled to make it happen.
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    1049 Dyno test

    That’s an old run by the look of it, pre re-mapping of the Vipe ECU. I’d bet they’re putting out a little more juice now, closer to what the Nytro dyno’d at out of the box.
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    91 octane

    Timing has changed 100%, not sure about compression. If you run 87 octane the knock sensor will start pulling timing and you’ll lose out on some performance.
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    Turbo Apex clutching help

    You should get a hold of Ulmer Racing, Allen will be able to sort you out quickly and easily. He’s a site sponsor as well.
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    If they’re anything like the snowblowers they’ve got real Yammy engines, not some piece of #*$&@ Briggs.
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    Royal distributing ball joints?

    Replaced mine with those last year. Next time I’m at the cottage I’ll lift the front end and see how loose they are after 3500km ish of riding last year. The OE top joints wear very fast anyway, but the lowers are better. I’m just not sure they’re worth the $.