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  1. J

    Yamaha Snowmobile Division.... Mission/Vision Statement

    "We made a series of bad decisions, and as a result, we lost our reputation and we can now no longer actually manufacture snowmobiles. We went from the industry leader to standing in the corner facing the wall." We keep saying the same stuff over and over every year, myself included.
  2. J

    2024 Prototypes and Spy Photos

    It is extremely disappointing to see fan cooled sleds going away. In much of Canada, they are still in regular use, and they are in many regards superior to liquid cooled. Something like an SRV or XLV with TSS and a long track would set a standard.
  3. J

    2025 Yamaha sled release

    Good God I hope they do not make EV sleds. Or go all EV as they did with 4 stroke.
  4. J

    2 Stroke 'Exhaust Valve System Malfunction' - 2022/2023 Yamaha Transporter Lite 400

    I would be first in line. However, the MIJ stuff might be gone forever. We might never see another Yamaha fanner. (Sad face)
  5. J

    2024 Yamaha line up is released!!

    Pretty sad. Well, time to watch a promo video from the 80s when Yamaha was dominating.
  6. J

    2024 Prototypes and Spy Photos

    I’ve honestly been hoping that the 540 motor would make an appearance in an off trail expression. Call me Johnny 80s.
  7. J

    2024 Prototypes and Spy Photos

    Serious question though, did the VK540 leave the chat?
  8. J

    2024 Prototypes and Spy Photos

    700 triples are still a hot commodity. 485s, huge following. Bravos sell for big dollars. Heck even 540s and 340s are hot items. They are all so simple and elegant. Somehow I don’t think that 30-40 years from now, this generation of sleds will still have a robust community. And this is all...
  9. J

    2024 Yamaha snowmobile releases, March 14, 2023

    Some day I would honestly like to know the inside story of how Yamaha went from dominating the industry in the 80s and 90s to being the shadow it is now, losing its reputation, flopping into the trail market, and begging Cat to build them some trail units on an old chassis.
  10. J

    2024 Prototypes and Spy Photos

    Saskatchewan Sealskin Bindings
  11. J

    2024 Prototypes and Spy Photos

    Yeah all we've seen from Jaret is a post hawking clothing and accessories for Christmas. Yamaha has the energy of a Steely Dan concert these days.
  12. J

    Starter class actiomn lawsuit

    We see folks blaming Cat for engineering fails all the time. I start to wonder if that is a bit of a copout. After all, Yamaha puts their name on the product. Remember back when Yamaha built super reliable sleds? Yeah.
  13. J

    Brand new vk540 issue

    At the carb. Pull up on the oil cable. Measure the gap between the end of the cable jacket and the metal sleeve. Where there is bare wire. This should be 25mm. You should be able to feel the oil pump stroke adjuster springing back when you release the cable. Check these out for some...
  14. J

    Brand new vk540 issue

    Is your oil pump adjusted correctly? Is it consuming a normal amount of oil?
  15. J

    2022 400 Updates

    Yeah these experiences are not confidence inspiring.
  16. J

    It’s In! Venom Mountain

    I think I see the issue. You have been emailing with the YMCA! As in, The Village People YMCA.
  17. J

    2022 400 Updates

    Yeah I’m in the same boat. I can’t really find anything yet to give me comfort.
  18. J

    2022 400 Updates

  19. J

    2022 400 Updates

    So, the 2022 400s say CVTech drive. 21s were Team if I recall correctly. What else changed? Did they fix the skid breaking and frame folding issues too? I assume that the clutching and possible ECU update will take care of the catastrophic 1324 codes and motor burns that guys were seeing.
  20. J

    2022 anyone?bueller bueller

    It’s amazing in a way that people could be trained to be addicted to shiny new grenades. I just want something that’s reliable and easy to work on.