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    06 Apex Xtx build, 4year build and still changing

    I will say, my wife, doesn't ride anymore. She was just trying to fit in with the cool kids. My youngest daughter rides with me and wanted her own sled. I bought a 4 stroke phazer for her but gave up on the engine rebuild for this year and bough an 04 viper. She loves it and has been doing...

    06 Apex Xtx build, 4year build and still changing

    dam, still riding this thing. Had to pull the skid this weekend and repair the rails where the middle idler shaft ripped out. I have a front arm limiter mounted to it. Custom thing. First issue I have had with it. Locktited the bolts in, one came out, the other one ripped a piece of the...

    Decompression spring

    I have no idea. I tried to look last year and never found anything. I found that the sled my donor motor came from had the updated ignition box. The box and spring were sold as one part number under an update.

    Decompression spring

    I thought I purchased these but evidently didn't. I found the motor I am putting together already had the update so here you go, ebay cams

    Decompression spring

    I may have a junk set of cams with it.

    Who out there has rebuilt a phazer motor? Can I get away with no gasket?

    Trying to get this motor going and have a head gasket already but didn't realize they used gaskets for the side covers and base. gasket is .020 not compressed, maybe .015 compressed. Hoping someone out there has built one without the gaskets just using the yamabond that the case is put...

    Phazer build. 3 into one, "Frankistein"

    Below I will be creating a sled build thread. Lots of pictures and blather just like in days of old. I bought this last year from a kid that worked for me. He built it years ago and it had been setting for a long time. He gave me a deal on it and I have been making poor choices where this...

    Nitro gauges on a Phazer?

    Anything further?

    WTB RX1 Jack Seat

    Friend has one I sold him a dozen years ago and never put it on. Not sure what they are worth anymore. Give me a price and I'll pass it on to him. If you want to figure shipping estimate, shipping would be from 04730.

    Wtb pc3 and ignition module

    Mine is a pc5.

    Wtb pc3 and ignition module

    I have fuel, and ignitionwith o2 and screen. Call me at 2075387391 Going back to stock, planning to sell sled later

    Mike Knapps Vmax 4. !! IT'S ALIVE !! Relic Racing videos from Freemont Grass Drags,

    I heard one of the owners say it runs 10,000rpm and has psi lake blasters on it. Somewhere between 2 and 300hp. Also has Ghost porting from the old Naked Porting bench back at the beginning of TY. Also runs on pump gas

    Mike Knapps Vmax 4. !! IT'S ALIVE !! Relic Racing videos from Freemont Grass Drags,

    We did a quick change here in the states while picking me up. Only took a few hours. They borrowed one from someone, spend a hundred buck to overnight it to me. Sled ran great for setting it up without a timer. There is alot more in it. Didn't even have a working replay tach to see what the...

    Mike Knapps Vmax 4. !! IT'S ALIVE !! Relic Racing videos from Freemont Grass Drags,

    Had the pleasure of accompanying the Canadian team, Relic Racing to Freemont Grass drags this last week. Great fun. Been almost 20 years since I have raced or even been. They purchased Mike Knapps ice/asphalt sled a couple years ago and have been rebuilding it back to it's glory as a Grass...

    2011 apex se shock upgrades??

    Shopping for next year. My se has float 2 fronts. Any reviews of the hygear exterior chambers? Worth the money? Do they need a revalve to work correctly? How is the mega float in the rear? And what are the upgrades to make it better?

    Mono skid to 144 any review?

    Still havent put sled together. Built a shop. Maybe next year. Motor still on a stand

    Deleting Reverse Gearbox - 2007 Phazer

    on a side note, I now have a chassis with reverse. Is there a picture of the two different tubes? I want to tear it apart and check before i install the motor. It is an 07 but has had alot of work done to it so maybe it has been upgraded.

    Anyone done a 128 setback

    Im never going to do it. I bought a parts sled with a 136 track and extensions with reverse. Just going to install all my stuff on the front of it.

    I can't believe I had never heard of the Boss Seat law suit against Yamaha

    Back in 2005, Yamaha was sued by Boss Industries over, Ironically, the worst riding seat Yamaha had installed to date on a Pro action chassis. The Layers of Irony that come from this make a tall cake as the hard viper seat combined with the horrible valving of the suspension combined to sell...

    07 Phazer decompression froze? HELP

    This little guy and his friend peed in it. I thought it didnt make it past the throttle body but it did and has messed up the playing.