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  1. SnowRipper

    Low red sport windshield for 2022 SRX

    Ordered mine in March 2021 and got it November 2021
  2. SnowRipper

    Crashed my 2022 SRX

    This happened on the E trail near Halliburton and after my collision we drove no more than another 2km and there was a brand new Lynx completely destroyed into a tree, parts strewn about everywhere and lots of people looking at it. Apparently it was a couple out alone riding a sled for the...
  3. SnowRipper

    Crashed my 2022 SRX

    surprisingly it wasn’t too bad. I whacked him pretty hard, made my sled jump up in the rear and knocked my gauge cluster right out. One ski was slightly damaged , mostly the ski loop, both spindles were scratched and gouged, the tie rod end bolt was bent, my roller ski wheel was cracked and...
  4. SnowRipper

    Crashed my 2022 SRX

    Nothing I could have done to avoid this crash other than stay at home.
  5. SnowRipper

    Crashed my 2022 SRX

    Driving my 2022 SRX down the trail today and some fool on a skidoo going the opposite loses control and rolls his sled right in front of me. I tried to swerve and avoid him but it was too late and I crashed right into him. He felt bad about causing the accident and we exchanged info but I think...
  6. SnowRipper

    Tunnel bag fell off

    Checked my 22 SRX bag after I read your post and sure enough one of the plastic nuts was completely off. Sorry for your lost bag but thanks for the heads up
  7. SnowRipper

    2022 SRX first impression

    Stock SRX with 96 studs. I came off an Apex and had never driven a Sidewinder before. I’ve put 1000 km on it so far and have done the initial break in oil change and adjusted the track and chain case. This sled is unbelievably quick, the ride is way better than my old Apex and the SRX corners...
  8. SnowRipper

    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    I was a first time customer at the dealership I ordered the SRX from. The salesman told me that they received one SRX and since I was the first to order one I got it. This was in early November, not sure if more showed up later since I’ve never been back since.
  9. SnowRipper

    Show me your 22 SRX LE custom license #'s

    I put them under the SRX decal. Gold numbers with red outline, the camera flash makes them look black in the first pic
  10. SnowRipper

    2022 srx delivered??

    Picked up mine in November
  11. SnowRipper

    Talking to a Yamaha Canada executive

    So I’m at a Xmas party and I started talking to a Yamaha Canada executive who is high up the food chain. Can’t say who it was or their job title was but they were very forthcoming about many things but incredibly tight lipped about others. Being a new Sidewinder owner I was focused on Sidewinder...
  12. SnowRipper

    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    My dealer said they prioritized building the SRX line first and they took more deposits than they could ultimately fulfill so it was first come first serve, I sold my Apex and ordered the Sidewinder on the first day of snow check, I had a feeling this was going to happen. That also said the EPS...
  13. SnowRipper

    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    He never mentioned about any other models.
  14. SnowRipper

    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    Picked up my SRX today. Apparently I got the only one from that dealership. The salesman informed me that as far as he’s been told there’s only been 100 SRX models available for Ontario and only 12 in the Ottawa area. All his sled dealership orders were cancelled and he had to tell 2 late spring...
  15. SnowRipper

    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    Pride Marine in Carp I ordered it the first week of snow check I have the VIN and I already got the pass
  16. SnowRipper

    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    My SRX has arrived at the dealer in Ottawa. Unfortunately they say their too busy winterizing boats and won’t prep it for a couple of more weeks.
  17. SnowRipper

    2022 SRX is in

    So your sticker is on backwards? How come some are and some aren’t. In this pic it looks right
  18. SnowRipper

    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    My dealer in the Ottawa area has given me a VIN for my 2022 SRX and tells me the sled is coming in the next week or so
  19. SnowRipper


    I had a similar problem with my Apex Turned out to be the grounding blocks by the clutches, one of them was fried.
  20. SnowRipper

    2008 Apex 40th sold and here’s the history of the sled

    2008 Apex 40th anniversary edition Purchased it as a new leftover model in 2009 Ogdensburg New York then imported it to Canada. All repairs were self done, no dealership ever looked at this sled after purchase. 5000 km exhaust y pipes cracked replaced with SS y pipes and new donuts 8000km...