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  1. YukonMP

    3 old guys ... Minn. to Alaska 8000km

    https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/3-old-guys-aged-65-and-up-complete-epic-8-000-km-snowmobile-ride-from-minnesota-to-alaska/ar-AA19TqL9?ocid=hpmsn&pc=ACTE&cvid=030d02c579a247119c5534e6352b068e&ei=74 Sorry if you all know about this but I hadn't seen it mentioned.
  2. YukonMP

    Snowmobiler Profile

    I thought I was in the Covid Escape Room and couldn't get the joke.
  3. YukonMP

    No start, doesn't crank

    Thanks for your time maim. Everything I know about these machines is from you guys. I just came in from making sure my backup is ready to go ... 2014 MP with 17000 kms on it. So off for target shooting and ice fishing. The VK can go to town next week. Probably less than a month left in my...
  4. YukonMP

    No start, doesn't crank

    This shot is from under the air box. I had the key on and jumped the red to the black. No starter and the fuel pump cycled when I released. If my procedure was correct I think that the starter needs to be replaced. Correct?
  5. YukonMP

    No start, doesn't crank

    Hi Guys, 2020 VK with 9400kms. No prior signs until this afternoon. Saw a buddy on the lake and told him he should find a better place to fish. When I went to leave it just made a tiny sound and did not crank. Try again and the sound was weaker. Pretty sure the battery is good. Tried a booster...
  6. YukonMP

    jump start terminal covers

    Those look exactly like what I have on my 2020VK PRO II. The battery is under the airbox and they run booster leads out to a better location for access.
  7. YukonMP

    Belt Squeal at Idle/Hard Shifting Fix

    This may be an unnecessary precaution but seeing you are a new here ... do not turn the primary backwards. Bad things could happen.
  8. YukonMP


    Mine all came off the first night she was home.
  9. YukonMP

    widest ski

    Yamaha makes an 11inch skin. It is actually 10.5 inches. And it is long too. Amazing difference on my VK Pro. There have been a few posts that they are prone to damage which is not my experience. They are cheap anyway.
  10. YukonMP

    Manual Reverse

    Not if yer a jockey.
  11. YukonMP

    2009 Venture Lite no reverse

    I doubt if it is an issue of the sort you suggest at the end of your post. If you are getting the flashing yellow and beeper and no shift then you have what nearly all of us have experienced and I'm unaware of anyone solving this issue once and for all. The exception to that statement might be...
  12. YukonMP

    I’m stumped - Phazer bogie wheels

    I go after mine with a rubber mallet in the morning if it was parked outside. The comment above explains it for sure. Nice sled, you'll enjoy it.
  13. YukonMP

    Final assessment

    The Tundra and the VK Pro are designed for completely different applications. The problems aren't so much that one sled is better than another but that one sled is better suited to the purpose.
  14. YukonMP

    Cover for Venture MP/Lite

    They don't look weird to a bug. They are definitely an acquired taste.
  15. YukonMP

    Another no start/no power

    You are in the right place. You are exactly where I was in 2015. I have two sleds with a total of 24k kms on them and I've done all the maintenance , mods and repairs. There is always someone around who can shed some light on your situation.
  16. YukonMP

    Exhaust Clamps AWOL

    I experienced some difficulty as you describe. As I recall I bent the clamp slightly so that the screw could start properly. When fully tightened the little bend I put in bent back as I tightened. Welcome to TY.
  17. YukonMP

    Wanna make sure it starts

    I have two different models from yours but once mine are going in the morning they are good all day. On a bison hunt when it was -40 I'd just start it once in the night when I got up to take a piss. You could start yours after three or four hours. Just make sure you let it warm right up or else...
  18. YukonMP

    The Covid Escape Room

    Enjoy it while you can.
  19. YukonMP

    Venture for sale

    You bet they do. Different heads make the noise worse. Resonant harmonics are the entire package.
  20. YukonMP

    First deep bush trip

    I returned from a bison hunt last week. Eight days, 100 kms per day, wall tents, hunted six days, animals sighted five times, guns drawn three times, shots fired twice, one casualty, a 5-6 year old bull named Burger. I'm the only Yamaha and I hear about it too. I can't really buy a skidoo ever...