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    Man I LOVE the Winder!

    Could not say it better. Have a new srx I am leaving stock and a 17 hurricane tcat at 290. I want for no more. Love them both
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    Qs3r shock eye size

    I was assuming so, but wanted to double check. Thanks
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    Qs3r shock eye size

    Bought a nice set of qs3r shocks off of a member here and the eyes are larger than the stock shock eyes on my 18 tcat with fox gas shocks. Was this a known difference? The lower eyes are correct size, but not the upper.
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    T-Cat Differences from SRX?

    Thank you
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    T-Cat Differences from SRX?

    Does anyone have the spring part numbers for the srx
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    Back to a viper

    I just picked one up as well. How are the mc kits?