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  1. jonlafon1

    Fuel issue no start

    Forgot to mention.. Fuel pressure check with key on would be a easy check if you have a fuel pressure tester
  2. jonlafon1

    Looking at a 2023 SRX

    Fuel return line MOD? Tune it! LOL
  3. jonlafon1

    Fuel issue no start

    Almost sounds like the pump is weak.. If it was mine I would have a pump on hand and see if you have anymore issues? would replace the pump if that's the case. The stock pump is okay if your stock and or maybe running a small tune. But if your running bigger tunes you should have the upgraded...
  4. jonlafon1

    2024 Prototypes and Spy Photos

    Fair enough.. Thinking I will base my opinion after they are built and hit the snow.. I will tell it like it is if and when it shows up and hits the snow.
  5. jonlafon1

    2024 Prototypes and Spy Photos

    Wait what??? They have not been built yet? How is the quality poor?
  6. jonlafon1

    Ice Build Up on Rail Tips

    "I suspect that without the "extrovert" knob the rail tip now has lots of room for ice buildup" X2.. First thing I noticed when seeing pics.. Rail tip is further up.
  7. jonlafon1

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    no one is going to see that..
  8. jonlafon1

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    I had no issue with it at all. Perfect having someone talk about it that engineered it.
  9. jonlafon1

    Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

    Thought the new videos were good. Informative from engineers not some marketing guy with a smile and slick talk.
  10. jonlafon1

    Track conversion 1" - 1.25" - 1.5 "

    Going to give these a try next year on the Catalyst. 96 up the middle with the 1.52 length I already purchased them.. I do know they are lighter then a gold digger by a few grams. Look forward to trying these as I like the profile of these. I can also see why they break instead of bend.. The...
  11. jonlafon1

    Now in Canada, Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles

    I never seen anything like last early FALL in far northern WI on a weekend.. I was at a watering hole having a few before a college football game(GO Badgers). I look outside and a group of 40 bikes(one riding group) show up and they were all electric! It was hilarious. Imagine sitting in a bar...
  12. jonlafon1

    1" track for hard pack racing

    144 studs with doubles? angled backers? Singles? Also did you go outside the windows? Going to run 144 in the 1" I plan to run. I was going to run 96 studs/ 48 doubles inside the windows and every other(single) outside the windows.
  13. jonlafon1

    1" track for hard pack racing

    Correct. This is the track I picked up from a member on here. 2023 SRX.
  14. jonlafon1

    1" track for hard pack racing

    Maybe so.. I don't run any studs on a trail that are not carbide tipped.
  15. jonlafon1

    1" track for hard pack racing

    I never would have thought this but after seeing it on some sled runs @ bents im convinced. Not sure I would go this route for every day trail riding but. Lesser amount of studs that are longer for better hook and better top end with LESS rotating mass.. Going to give this theory a try
  16. jonlafon1

    1" track for hard pack racing

    chisels wont make it but a few miles on the trails.. Assuming your saying race day on the lake?
  17. jonlafon1

    1" track for hard pack racing

    Going this route next season. 1" track fully clipped. Take off from a SRX.
  18. jonlafon1

    Lightweight driveshaft

    I don't like to hear #*$&@ like this.. They are usually pretty reputable in my experience.. I don't have a lot of things from them but have used weights, Y pipe, and a helix that i really like from them. Everything I have used has been perfect.. I did have some ordering issues with them, but...
  19. jonlafon1

    Sled allocation 24

    Yea.. The issue is the manufacture is only making so many(because supply issues?) LOL.. So as long as the manufacturers continue to ONLY make so many units this wont change.. Is it really about high demand ? So many new sleds get sold EVERY YEAR and always will.. Its this whole issue of how many...
  20. jonlafon1

    Chain Tensioner Mount Wear?

    Sure could.. Just press it in? What size we need?