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    EPS Conversion?

    I think it's a mute point as the parts seem to be unavailable
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    Yamaha done with sleds

    how dare you bring that radical right winger MF into this debate! What does he know? Sleds should be free, then Yamaha would have plenty of demand!
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    1" track for hard pack racing

    yes on my phone. D&D told me about the advantages of the 2.52 years ago as well as the lower lug. Definitely hurts the hole shot though I run 216 (4 per bar) fastrac stainless with plastic backers and aluminum nuts (super light, durable, and no rust ever) for strictly trail running. Not...
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    1" track for hard pack racing

    yes on my phone. D&D told me about the advantages of the 2.52 years ago as well as the lower lug. Definitely hurts the hole shot though
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    1" track for hard pack racing

    1" fully clipped 2.52 hacksaw non-quiet +5mph vs stock 1.25 Ripsaw. I like it better in most conditions and glad I switched.
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    2022 EPS Power Steering review

    EPS is a never-go-back innovation. Tcat with 270 PM tune, upgraded QS3 center shock, and curve skis with leading edge and shapers (super aggressive) is the best snowmobile I've ever owned. I tempted to say I'm finally done seeking something better!
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    Power Steering

    ditto ditto ditto
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    GSE electric power steering system Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat Yamaha Sidewinder EPS

    I have this unique modified version of this kit which adds power steering to the sled, but allows you to turn it off while bypassing the mechanical "play" that is inherent in this kit. Works great, has some limitations which I would share in discussions, but overall works very well with the...
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    EPS Conversion?

    I was exploring doing in my 2019. Since the parts aren't available I put it off. I also have a 22 TCat EPS ATAC that I "injured" and rebuilt, and during that process I was able to experiment a bit to learn about what it would take. As of now the 22 is good to go so the 19 will be by back-up/racer
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    EPS Conversion?

    not necessarily. What I found was when I put my 19 gauge with a 22 ECU, it didn't work correctly. And the 22 ECU from an ATAC will display the suspension error code too. So I figure the clean way would be to just plan on a 22 gauge, 22 non ATAC EPS ECU, and all the bits and pieces plus the...
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    EPS Conversion?

    I had one of those on my 19
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    EPS Conversion?

    It's a lot. Just had a brand new 22EPS torn apart and did some research. Aside from the '22 EPS unit and all of the related physical hardware, you'll need the wire harness and ECU and gauge from , plus a VIN# of a 22 EPS QS3 to have programmed by cat as a replacement ECU. All in about $3400...
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    Tune differences

    I've run them in 3 sleds. It's a quality muffler but it could fit better. Takes a bit of finese for it to slide down on the perches. However it's really quiet and does not run hot like the stock with tunes. Runs like stock with no tunes. Only way to go imo if you want run a tune but still...
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    Boost Gauge Connection

    Mine is connected to to the boost line to the sensor near the manifold via a "T" and I've have no issues
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    Mach Z or SRX?

    All I have to add is that the factory power steering is the biggest game changer in the history of 4-strokes, except possibly for the turbo itself. Absolutely stunning - easier to ride long distances than a 600!
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    New Rumor

    FWIW, for the last 2 months I have been watching parts availability to repair a damaged 22 Tcat, and the dates for different components just keep pushing out, with the longest lead (ATAC shocks) now September. I have translated that to be "good luck" getting parts this year in time for winter...
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    Tune differences

    IMO opinion there is a big real world difference between stock muffler tunes and mod muffler tunes rated for the same HP. Might be the difference between a quick dyno run vs real world conditions, but a 2.5" muffler tune is way faster in the real world.
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    Infrared Belt Temps Increasing

    normal. In fact, after a long run I drive slowly (if I can) which is better than full stop.
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    Brake Pads & Brake performance...

    sorry i run the stm tuner secondary so old school cat style
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    Brake Pads & Brake performance...

    I got a collection of helix's that should go to the Smithsonian when I die