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  1. paradise

    '09 Vector LTX GT - Low Top Speed?

    I also have a 09 vector and never had a problem with it reaching 100 mph I only have a 121 track though which could be geared a little different, sounds like it could be clutching and I have had 3 different clutch setups since it was new and none of them had a issue with top speed. Also I have...
  2. paradise

    2008 rs vector gt 121 in mono rails

    My cracks haven’t changed, my cracks are located on the top of the rail right below the pivot for the front swing arm.
  3. paradise

    2008 rs vector gt 121 in mono rails

    Mine has been cracked for years on my 09 121.
  4. paradise

    2009 Vector low beams quit. Bulbs and fuses all good. Help

    Sounds like it could be a bad wire going to the low beam side or a bad connection.
  5. paradise

    2012 RS Vector Secondary clutch shaft washer placement.

    I’m guessing someone put it together wrong, my 09 vector has two on the back side and two on the front side of the secondary clutch.
  6. paradise

    Need some help on this one ! Stuck

    Any luck with finding your issue, just curious.
  7. paradise

    Need some help on this one ! Stuck

    I wouldn’t think it would blow out where it’s bolted to the engine but you never know, I thinking it could also be in the flex part of the pipes.
  8. paradise

    Need some help on this one ! Stuck

    Could plug your exhaust and start it to see where it’s coming from, probably only be able to do that for a short time.
  9. paradise


    as long as your carbs stay clean and do normal maintenance you should be good, check the speedo drive bearing.
  10. paradise

    A arm replacement

    I’m sure if you order you can get the correct color unless they are not available anymore. I painted mine cuz mine were chipped up bad and had a tough time getting the paint code.
  11. paradise

    Latest News from North American Yamaha Snowmobile and Minocqua, WI R&D July 15, 2021

    I’m sure someone knows exactly what their plans are for the future , just need to find that person and twist their arm a little!
  12. paradise

    Kill switch

    My switch is bad on my vector, should I try to find a used one or buy new?
  13. paradise

    VIP Members that have expired!! Please renew

    Thanks carbide! I believe I did everything correctly.
  14. paradise

    VIP Members that have expired!! Please renew

    What’s it take to be a lifetime member?
  15. paradise

    Vector electrical problems

    I believe that’s what is was bad kill switch. Thanks
  16. paradise

    Vector electrical problems

    Fresh fuel and it runs fine the dying part is what I’m having trouble with
  17. paradise

    Vector electrical problems

    Should’ve of mentioned 09 vector
  18. paradise

    Vector electrical problems

    First ride of the season, died on my three times before getting it on the trailer, unloaded warmed up and died no crank no nothing kept trying Finally started loaded it back up , Back in garage and everything seems normal change the starter relay for a precaution at the beginning of the season...
  19. paradise


    I believe that has carbs yet probably doesn’t have a Electric fuel pump
  20. paradise

    Ignition 09 RS Venture (dash, lights)

    My 09 vector doesn’t come on till I start it, I’m sure yours is the same way