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  1. Derek Fosbury

    How many miles did you get on your sled this season 2022-2023?

    3300km between my '22 S-TX and my '23 T-Cat. Not as much as previous seasons, but much more than expected given how the season started, and that we had to trailer every weekend since our lake was never staked this winter! (normally we are spoiled and just cross the lake to our trails - so easy!!)
  2. Derek Fosbury

    2022 EPS Power Steering review

    I just use a standard (flat) screwdriver and a hammer. Gently tap the locking collar, it will move eventually :). So you would recommend the Slydog skis over the strykes?
  3. Derek Fosbury

    2023 SRX in person looks??

    I had a gold (with a little bit of black) Excel III back in the 80's when I was a kid. I still love the looks of that machine to this day :)
  4. Derek Fosbury

    Big warmup of 2023 here already???

    Were you in the Haliburton Forest poker run? I was there both Friday and Saturday since the trails in Fenelon got wiped out on Thursday, ruing my snowmobile vacation week! If that first sled in your 2nd pic is an SS440, I'm pretty sure we passed that group. We were a group of 4 with me leading...
  5. Derek Fosbury

    New Sidewinder owner - First Impressions/Accessories/Problems/Questions

    Do you have a part number for the braces? I added the UPT bracket as well, so thinking I should be the braces before I load up the gas caddy :)
  6. Derek Fosbury

    Snow Tracker nervous steering quandry

    Ah, I see, good point. Love learning stuff on this site :).
  7. Derek Fosbury

    Snow Tracker nervous steering quandry

    I'll wait and see what's already in there, but if it already has the 5mm in, 7.5mm is my only option to try something different, isn't it?
  8. Derek Fosbury

    Snow Tracker nervous steering quandry

    So the shim kit comes with 7.5mm I beleive, so if want more rear ski pressure (non snowtracker carbides :) ), seems like I should give that a try. And sorry for straying off-topic a bit :)
  9. Derek Fosbury

    Snow Tracker nervous steering quandry

    Thanks - was asking because it states on the product page "A unique EPS shim pad assembly", and if I look up the part numbers for the shims on the S-TX, it's a different one than the regular shim kit. So maybe I'll just order one and see if the kit has one that is higher than what comes on the...
  10. Derek Fosbury

    Snow Tracker nervous steering quandry

    Anyone know what the "special EPS" shims are relative to the shims that come with the kit for the stryke skis? I've got a 22 ST-X EPS and am getting a bit of darting, so want to shim the back of the skis down a bit more.
  11. Derek Fosbury

    2023 SRX in person looks??

    My Dad's machine is a 2022 Renegade, and I massively prefer the gauge on my 22 sidewinder and 23 t-cat. There's just too much going on with the skidoo gauge.
  12. Derek Fosbury

    2023 SRX in person looks??

    I passed one on the trail this past weekend. As I looked through my tears of sorrow for not being able to spring order one, I thought it was a really really good-looking sled.
  13. Derek Fosbury

    Man I LOVE the Winder!

    Finally got a really good ride on the weekend. Did 200 km around the Bancroft area (up to Whitney, over to Madawaska and back) and was reminded how much I love my Winder :)
  14. Derek Fosbury

    1st Ride Of The Year

    That's stunning.
  15. Derek Fosbury

    Power Steering

    I found my S-TX darty as well. I took some preload off the front springs and changed the wear bars to mission offset 6", and that has improved it quite a bit (but not gone). I should also check the stance, I never even thought to look at that!
  16. Derek Fosbury

    Power Steering

    I only have a couple of hundred kms (snow all melted!!) On my '23 T-Cat, but I haven't had any codes yet. Please please snow......
  17. Derek Fosbury

    Power Steering

    I only ever got that code once when the sled was brand new. It went away on it's own, and has not come back, even on early morning, freezing cold (below -20C) startups. I have about 4500-5000 kms on that sled now, so I view it as a new sled one-off for me (knock on some wood) :).
  18. Derek Fosbury

    2023 Sidewinder primary

    Hahahaha :)
  19. Derek Fosbury

    Power Steering

    Search for "some quick observations", my thread should be the first result, and the post is a few down where I drove 4 sleds in a row to compare.
  20. Derek Fosbury

    Power Steering

    Last winter I put on about 4500 kms on my '22 S-TX GT EPS. In my opinion it's a game changer. It's not just the easy steering in the slow twisties, it's the lack of bump steer in rough corners, or even on higher speed sections with some unexpected rough spots. Not a single time were the bars...