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  1. sniperviper

    v max 4 question

    check out vmax4.com :-)
  2. sniperviper

    2014-2015 Yellowknife Mileage Log

    Allan - Your friend with the new polaris, what kind/brand of helmet is he using? Looks very practikal and wonder if you would recomend to buy one?
  3. sniperviper

    Sub Zero Overnight Cold Starts

  4. sniperviper

    (Season 2013-14) TY Mileage – Yellowknife

    episode 12: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fahj87Hb ... rJDwMroP4A
  5. sniperviper

    15000 Grand

    I'm just curious, what is your average income/salary a year in US and Canada? Here in Norway its aprox 300000nok/50000USD and a 2010 apex attack cost aprox 28500USD here.. I guess the 2011 would probebly be around 30000USD. In 2006, my yamaha dealer asked aprox 24000USD for the rtx.
  6. sniperviper

    will I miss the power of RS nytro if I buy a phazer?

    I recomend you to try a phazer before you buy one!
  7. sniperviper

    Apex / RX1 Motor weight

    apex engine weight 54kg/119lbs
  8. sniperviper

    RX-1 Help

    inspect your choke "line" sounds like that when the choke's stuck. Engine runs ok when cold but bad when it get warmed up - to much fuel.
  9. sniperviper

    2011 is updated Apex

    Rumors here in Norway tells that this sled has a low pressure turbocharger, that the apex "look" is camuflage and the sled that be shown 2.feb will have a completely different frontend design.
  10. sniperviper

    Two questions for ya

    For what purpose? To get rid of a squealing noice?
  11. sniperviper

    New '11 Apex sneek peek!

    deleted, pics are already in another thread..
  12. sniperviper

    Apex XTX for 2011

    Cant see any logical reason why yamaha would make a 4-cyl nytro and that this is ment to replace the apex.. :o|
  13. sniperviper


    Attack 2008 windshield offer pretty good wind protection.
  14. sniperviper


    Also, yamaha have done som mods with cold start issue on the first models. Here in Norway they changed the ecu and also the spring on the auto decomp system. They did this mod on my 07 phazer fx one year after I bought it.
  15. sniperviper

    2010 End of the Apex ??

    If so I will treat my apex rtx as my child and hang on/keap it until the end of my days :Rockon:
  16. sniperviper

    How to tell if drive shaft bearing is bad??

    Loosen track tension, take a grip on the drive shaft and see if there is movement - if yes the bearing is gone - on the left side (not on the chain case side) but if you drive long enough with a "gone" left side bearing you will destroy the right side bearing/chain/sprocet wheels and if you have...
  17. sniperviper

    Yamaha windshield fiasco

    I dont know what this fresh water fish is called in the US but here you have a photo of it. We also fish for trout.
  18. sniperviper

    Yamaha windshield fiasco

    2008 attack windshield- pretty good wind protection ;)!
  19. sniperviper

    Cobra track and Hyfax wear

    Its all about the driving conditions. Have smoked my slides with the stock ripsaw riding 200miles - high speed on hardpacked/bad snow conditions, and now I have 1000miles with my cobra in loose snow conditions with almost no slides wear at all. Btw, I have the "hyfax extender wheels spacer...
  20. sniperviper

    Was there any updates to be done on a 08 apex rtx

    No recalls/important updates on any apex's except some poor gas pump relay and idler wheels on the early/first models - and "cold" and warmers on all models upp to 2010.