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    Gates Redline 40R4313

    Been running an 8DN on my boosted Viper MTX for two seasons now. Seems to be working fine. Years ago, people were recommending belt replacements for the 8DN on RX1's. I bought two (I couldn't begin to guess as to what belts they were, but one was the latest, greatest from Gates) and both were...
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    Is there a better snow flap?

    Biggest reason I removed mine was that there was no room for your hands when trying to lift up on the bumper. I never had any problem with backing over the track. I expect you could find an aftermarket bumper that would eliminate that problem, but I didn't want to spend several hundred dollars...
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    Is there a better snow flap?

    I removed mine the beginning of last season and haven't had any problems. Until I do, I'm just going to run without one.
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    How to change your Yamaha Snowmobile belt!!

    That's the only way I know to change a belt on a Yamaha. I couldn't imagine the inconvenience of having to use some kind of tool to do it.
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    Battery Life

    I had a Yuasa battery that was new (a couple months old) when I bought my RX1 in 2007. This sled has lived outside in a rain forest with salt water spray (waterfront is great until the wind starts blowing 90 knots) and never had any battery maintenance. And the battery had been run it dead...
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    Arctic Cat 4 Stroke Future

    That's the primary reason I bought an RX1 as my first sled. The idea of rebuilding every 1500 miles or so didn't appeal to me. And here 15 years and 10,000 miles later, I'm still riding it. I'm pretty sure that sled will outlast me.
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    Arctic Cat 4 Stroke Future

    Maybe that's the case, but all I have ever ridden is four strokes in the mountains. An RX1, and Apex and now a Viper. It could be that I don't know what I'm missing with a two strokes since I have never ridden one one in the mountains, but the heavy four strokes I've owned seem to do fine...
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    Anyone running Munster finger throttle?

    I've never used a finger throttle, but everyone I know who has done this has liked it. I would like to try one, but can't talk myself into spending $200 plus to do it. I have seen guys spin the thumb throttle around and use it as a finger throttle. Maybe try that if you don't want to spend the...
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    heated grips

    For what model sled?
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    Arctic Cat 4 Stroke Future

    Since they already have developed a four stroke sled, I don't think that's an issue. My question is whether they will continue to use Yamaha engines, or if they will get out of the four stroke market all together.
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    Arctic Cat 4 Stroke Future

    Does anyone have any inside scoop about what Arctic Cat will be using to power their four stroke sleds after Yamaha pulls out of the sled market? Or will they even continue to have any four stroke sleds at all? If they continue to use the Yamaha engines, the only downside from the current Viper...
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    Mr. Sled - Future of T.Y.???

    I expect this site will be relevant as long as there are people still riding Yamaha sleds.
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    PEFI Summer sale

    Right on, thank you.
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    PEFI Summer sale

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does PEFI stand for?
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    Need a Fuel Pump Relay ASAP Yamaha 8FP-81950-01

    Turns out that I installed the cables to the wrong posts when I replaced the starter relay. I had been on an RX1 forever and changed the starter relays on it several times. But since it has a mechanical fuel pump, it doesn't matter which cable goes to which post on the starter relay. On the...
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    2015 Viper Chain Tension

    Sorry, I had a thought related to the topic. That's why I didn't reply to your comment with an answer. That being said, I assume finger tight would be as tight as you can get it with your finger. That's what finger tight means to me anyway. I expect there is enough tolerance in this adjustment...
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    2015 Viper Chain Tension

    Sure wish they would have gone with a Yamaha chaincase on these. I was really disappointed when I bought mine and saw that it had an Arctic Cat chaincase. Yamaha is famous for the reliability of their chaincases. I can't imagine why they went with the Arctic Cat rather than the Yamaha.
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    How many vipers with starters going bad?

    I called Yukon Yamaha in Whitehorse YT (the nearest Yamaha dealer) and they said that they can't reflash my ECU because my sled was purchased in the U.S., and Yamaha Canada doesn't have access to the vin numbers for sleds sold in the U.S. The next nearest Yamaha dealer is in Fairbanks, AK which...
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    8dn belt dust

    Right on, thanks for the feedback. I didn't notice any belt slipping, or really any difference with the 8DN other than it not blowing belts. But I ride in the mountains and am looking for torque rather than speed anyway. About the only time I'm really getting into the throttle is when I'm...
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    8dn belt dust

    I have a question. What will happen if you put a 8DN belt on a Viper with no modifications? I did this on my boosted Viper after the 8JP belt came apart the last time, and there doesn't seem to be any negative effects. I have an Apex and RX1 and lots of 8DN belts around, and I have had good...