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  1. RobX-1

    Must I Change belt and assy track?

    Track appears to just be dirty and didn't see any torn lugs or any track delamination so unless wanting to run a shorter lug, it should be fine. As for the belt, per Yamaha's specs, you measure the outer width of the belt and as long as it measures more than 32.5mm, it is within the wear limit...
  2. RobX-1

    i am new and looking for help

    74Nitro is correct in that it shouldn't do it in forward but I also believe he's correct in that it sure sounds like it's the reverse linkage needing adjustment. It's possible that the times it does in forward is due to the improperly adjusted reverse linkage still engaging the reverse gear...
  3. RobX-1

    Venture GT loose steering in column?

    Not so much with a bearing but there used to be a company called OFT that made the steering blocks out of aluminum and used an oilite bushing instead of plastic like the OEM.
  4. RobX-1

    Just bought a 2005 RS Rage and there are a few issues.....

    Well, if it hasn't already been mentioned in this post, get a hold of Travis @hibshman25 of Barn Of Parts as he parts out Yamaha 4 stroke snowmobiles and I suspect he would probably have some good used OEM parts to replace your worn/broken parts but at a much reduced price than buying new.
  5. RobX-1

    Mouse House Hell

    No problem. Let me know if you need additional pictures.
  6. RobX-1

    Mouse House Hell

    Not sure if this would be applicable but it appears you have the same colored wires as my 03 RX-1. I just checked the right and left handwarmer wiring on it and what I found is that each handwarmer has two wires where one wire from the left and one wire from the right connect to each other...
  7. RobX-1

    Just bought a 2005 RS Rage and there are a few issues.....

    Nice. Having it torn down this far and now knowing it may have been ran rough and neglected, you might want to replace that jack shaft bearing and the drive axle bearing. You don't have to open up the chain case to replace the bearing if it ends needing to be replaced. If anything, pry off...
  8. RobX-1

    Just bought a 2005 RS Rage and there are a few issues.....

    Just a word of caution regarding the FX Garage kit: https://ty4stroke.com/threads/fx-garage-works-braided-flex-pipe.163286/#post-1567164 If it was mine, I would contact Travis @hibshman25 of Barn of Parts as he sells used Yamaha 4 stroke parts and see if he has any good used OEM replacement...
  9. RobX-1

    Just bought a 2005 RS Rage and there are a few issues.....

    The reason for having to possibly remove the suspension in order to replace those exhaust donuts, clamps, and flex couplings is that you have to loosen the header pipe (#13) via the bolt (#14) in order to be able to slide it back so that you can then remove the bad flex couplings. You can get...
  10. RobX-1

    06 Apex GT

    With this being your 1st 4-stroke Yamaha, I would recommend becoming a VIP member on this forum and in doing so, it will provide you access to receive the service manual for your Apex. This forum is probably one of the best forums where knowledgeable users offer help and supporting the site by...
  11. RobX-1

    Haydays 2021!

    Just zoomed in and noticed the first one is Viper and judging by the backrest on the second one, that is probably the Touring model but wouldn't they all still use the same color of seat since they are GTs?
  12. RobX-1

    Haydays 2021!

    VX1R, correct me if I'm wrong but aren't these GT Sidewinders; the ones that came with EPS? :dunno:
  13. RobX-1

    Venture GT loose steering in column?

    On my 08 Apex LTX, I had replace this steering linkage as the two ball joints on the end of the linkage had the most play but like 74Nitro mentioned, there are a lot of steering linkages used. How I found this part was by removing the air box, battery and battery tray (ie. like doing an oil...
  14. RobX-1

    The Covid Escape Room

    Too funny
  15. RobX-1

    Enough HEAT——-I am ready for a brisk fall and then WINTER

    It definitely felt like fall is near this past weekend. Had to take my son back to college up in Bemidji, MN this weekend and did not dress appropriately. It was only 56 degrees Saturday morning and here I am trying to re-assemble my son's bicycle outside his dorm wearing just a pair of...
  16. RobX-1

    Yamaha Snowmobiles Show Tour 2021

    Unfortunately 1nc 200, none of the shows that are mentioned in that link are listed in Jared's post. :dunno: Was really looking forward to seeing their display this year up at the Novi, MI show.
  17. RobX-1

    Wishing for Winter

  18. RobX-1

    Wishing for Winter

  19. RobX-1

    New Trailer- How do you load.

    That pick was more of work-in-progress pic as I hadn't trim the flooring yet nor had I cut out the holes for the tie downs. Here's what it looks like now. We did not glue the flooring down but instead used these truss screws. Although it does bubble a little in summer like you can see in...
  20. RobX-1

    09 Apex rear suspension setup help needed

    Hygear revalved the front Ohlins and rear EC Ohlins shocks on my 08 Apex back in 2017 and I want to say it the rebuild cost around $75 but unfortunately that was before I realized how neglecting shock maintenance can cause your bill to increase due to worn out parts which was the case in both...