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  1. bleedyamaha

    Highest Speeds on Sidewinder/Thundercat

    I watched two deer come across the field with every intention to make it to the timber in front of my wife. I couldn’t catch up to her to warn her in time and the deer made it 10 yds in front of her. Scared her pretty bad. Still talks about it all the time. I caught up to some turkeys one time...
  2. bleedyamaha

    Other winter hobbies

  3. bleedyamaha

    Red necks and dirty hands

  4. bleedyamaha

    Midwest snow report

    This warm weather put an idea in my head that I can’t shake. Going to build a 9 hole golf course on my 19 acres I live on. Wth it’s going to be fun.
  5. bleedyamaha

    RIP John Dee!

    really touching story and it sounds like we will get to keep reading Johndee.com in the future!!!!!
  6. bleedyamaha

    She laid over....

    Is it cold enough to be a frozen relay?
  7. bleedyamaha

    Clutch rattle

    Finished up maintenance on my sidewinder. I ran the motor a bit to get oil circulating and check for leaks. I didn’t have the primary on the crank and I was just amazed how smooth this motor sounds. No more diesel. It’s just amazing how bad the primary rattles. You guys with aftermarket...
  8. bleedyamaha

    Sidewinders over the years

    2017 Rtx le
  9. bleedyamaha

    Looking for some Triggers

    I am looking for 10 to 24 Woodys triggers 1.63s. New or lightly used. Don’t want to buy a 48 pk. I’m
  10. bleedyamaha

    Traction set-up questions

    I am studding mine now with them 1.63s as well. Doubles and singles with round backers. Cant wait to to try them out. I still need to buy 10 more to finish. I don’t need a 48 pack. If anyone has 10 to 24 Triggers pm me please
  11. bleedyamaha

    Sidewinder overhaul!!

    For sale lightly used. Wife’s sled.
  12. bleedyamaha

    RIP John Dee!

    So sad. Going to miss his reports.
  13. bleedyamaha

    Something wicked this way comes....

    Send them ducks and geese my way.
  14. bleedyamaha

    Red necks and dirty hands

    Not sure what happened but I am not a robot
  15. bleedyamaha

    Red necks and dirty hands

    . Hurricane is in this video
  16. bleedyamaha

    What Song?

    The Wreck of The Edmund Fitgerald.
  17. bleedyamaha

    Yamaha done with sleds

    It is. It’s very contagious and no cure.
  18. bleedyamaha

    Yamaha done with sleds

    Well my two cents. I think Yamaha got bored holding the title of the fastest stock production snowmobile and moving on to new adventures.
  19. bleedyamaha

    Who ordered?

    Facebook marketplace shows some 2023s in the WISCONSIN area. Long ways away for you