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  1. Mills

    Tri-hub Wheel Diameter

    thanks for the video, that is exactly how my suspension looks and the Tri-hub spins with brand new hyfax installed.
  2. Mills

    Wobble Bearing / Upper Shaft combinations for '14-'15 Vipers

    I have a write up under my site name Mills for converting a 2014 to a 2017 jack shaft, bearings ans shims.
  3. Mills

    Tri-hub Wheel Diameter

    Does the bottom of the Tri-hub wheels extend down past the face of the Hyfax or should they be tangent to the face of the Hyfax (when viewed from side of rear suspension)
  4. Mills

    Weird Reverse issue

    have they gotten a Trail 13 reroute figured out up there in Three Lakes or is it still shut down?
  5. Mills

    Carbide Recommendations

    I have the same sled, same year and use Stud Boy Dually 6" with single host bar. They perform well and wear better than most other brands I have tried.
  6. Mills

    Ride around Lake Superior 2024

    I searched T.Y. for information related to riding around Lake Superior and see that there haven't been any posts about it since around 2007 that I can find. I am guessing things have changed since then. Anyone have any advice on this trip, links to check out, have-to-have's to complete the trip...
  7. Mills

    Tri-hub Wheel Diameter?

    I have a '14 Viper and still use the tri-hub rear tensioning wheel assembly because I modified it to be able to service the bearings. I purchased two used tri-hub wheel assemblies at Hay Days last year to make a spare for myself and a buddy. I just noticed that one is a larger diameter than the...
  8. Mills

    Drive gear play?

    If you are going with the '17 jack shaft you will have to update to the '17 bearing and strut-arm the bearing is in on the clutch side to. I updated my '14 this way to get rid of that damn wobble bearing. As mentioned before you can use the same gear but have to add the shim to get it indexed to...
  9. Mills

    Mr. Sled - Future of T.Y.???

    I am surprised no one has asked yet but, I am wondering what the future of T.Y. might be with Yamaha announcing the end of their snowmobile line in 2025. Can you give us an idea of what the impacts to T.Y. will be due to the closing and what we as a T.Y. community might be able to do to help...
  10. Mills

    Engine oil requirements

    Not sure but, whichever oil filter you use make sure it has the bypass valve in it for either sled. The bypass valve is there to open incase something were to happen to the filter that does not let oil pass through the filter material.
  11. Mills

    Engine oil requirements

    The cost difference between the 0-40 and 0-30 not that great so I would stick with the 0-40 Euro-blend
  12. Mills

    Engine oil requirements

    I have used Mobil1 full synthetic 0W40 Euro blend with high zinc load in my '08 Nytro and '14 Viper exclusively with no one way clutch issues, no reduced power issues, no reduced fuel economy -- no issues whatsoever. Nytro had 11,200 miles on it when I sold it and my Viper now has over 11,000...
  13. Mills

    2014 viper rtx

    Cracked welds in the rear suspension, cracked rear suspension mount tabs at the rear of the tunnel, bent cross bar that the front of the rear suspension hangs off of, bent tube between the rear suspension rails that the front swing arm pivots on, worn out front suspension ball joints, worn...
  14. Mills

    How many miles did you get on your sled this season 2022-2023?

    2,700 miles between my two sleds this year. Have a buddy that is riding this weekend so that he can hit 4,000.
  15. Mills

    2024 Yamaha snowmobile releases, March 14, 2023

    Get the mechanical power steering from Barn of Parts to
  16. Mills

    Ice Storm Camso track and howling/noise

    I have my hyfax taper cut but, it may be too far back. I have a new set that I am going to put on to see if that is the issue. I also ordered all new bearings for the entire chassis as it has 10k miles on it. I clean and repack the bearings each spring before storage and again at midseason but...
  17. Mills

    Ice Storm Camso track and howling/noise

    Has anyone ever thought they had track howling going on and later found it was a bad jackshaft, driveshaft or other bearing making the noise?
  18. Mills

    2020 Viper ECM Flash

    Found out the flash I received is a 2018 flash and not a 2020 flash I thought and was told I got.
  19. Mills

    Ice Storm Camso track and howling/noise

    I put a Camso Ice Storm track on my Viper RTX 129" sled. I am finding that it howls a lot more than any unstudded or studded track I have ever had before at all speeds. In fact at 55-57 mph it is outright screaming. Anyone had this problem with one of the "Ice" -- prestudded tracks and if so...
  20. Mills

    2020 Viper ECM Flash

    Not at that time. I have since heard that they are now charging but I cannot validate that.