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    Ringer boost at weenie roast lakewoods

    Haven’t posted anything in a long time but keenly keep reading all the stuff here. My 2018 Winder LE running max 17 from TD runs so well I just don’t feel the need to post. Turned 20,000 kms up near Timmins Ont a week ago and runs as strong as the day I tuned it. If you freshen shocks up yearly...
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    Mach Z not stock king of the lake.

    I was taking this thread seriously until I saw the ‘wait until I tune to 22 psi’ comments. Polaris quality control and consistency is possibly worse than what we get on yamacats. My personal admittedly small sample size their 850 engine is unreliable for any sort of high miles. Tow strap...
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    New apex clutch

    Between the scarcity of new sleds and $26,000 Canadian to get into a new one I am keeping my dialled in 18 LE. No doubt my 56 yr old construction damaged elbows would have liked a new power steering LE a lot. I have 18,000 kms all on a big tune and we have found they start to chew up rollers...
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    Sled Cutting out with new high flow fuel pump

    Gamma #680-1081 underneath in brackets (8M-07367). We ordered a second to keep on shelf because my son does all the maintenance on our group of yamacat riders. Dealer situation in midwestern Ontario is not stellar
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    Sled Cutting out with new high flow fuel pump

    Yes, part comes with the Y fitting. Factory part was pricey and our cat dealer says he uses the aftermarket one often
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    Sled Cutting out with new high flow fuel pump

    I had the exact same problem going on this winter. Tried two different aftermarket fuel pumps, put a return line to fuel cup and made a wiring harness to power fuel pump directly from battery with larger wires and a relay. It still would run full of gas but start to cut out when calling for fuel...
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    SRX vs 2022 Mach Z

    If a winder guy went on 850 skidoo forum and said they are okay except for the brutal oil mileage that requires many sidetrips on a saddlebag tour, more than half of the engines explode before warranty is up (they definitely do in my part of Ontario anyways), the intake roar above 50 or 60 mph...
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    SRX vs 2022 Mach Z

    Buds on dootalk have declared the weird throttle response on 900t is fixed on the Mach Z they can tell from sitting on one at a static display?? You get used to the lag and surge eventually anyways. The Mach Z anti lag launch on Snowtrax sneak peek did not look impressive. I assume traction must...
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    2022 Mach Z

    I agree 100 percent. I love reading dootalk, my all time fav stuff was guys getting grossed out because they posted their 2017 850 was a huge POS between engine failure and belts. It wasnt the sleds fault its your fault because all skidoos are perfect!! Great stuff. They believe that winders...
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    2022 Mach Z

    That Mach propaganda video Dan put on gets me revved up just like the guys on video. I can’t possibly wait all year to wipe the grins off those smiling faces. Can us Winder tinkerer guys go to the Skidoo demos? Or would that be frowned upon? I can’t wait for Skidootrax to say the new 900t is...
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    Latest front end

    When comparing the new front end performance and bringing in variable of 129 vs 137 I think Stain is opening the lid on a can of worms that I tried to help a local guy with last yr. We both had 50th anniversary winder, his 129 mine 137. We both had 6.9 pilots from Dans recommendation. I have a...
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    2022 Mach Z

    Back on topic next winter with Mach coming out is going to be a blast. Handful of doo buddies who haven’t cared about speed in years, specifically since the winder came out are all ordering Mach Z. The marketing is working well. All of the guys I know except a guy that has a 900t universally...
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    Primary roller failures

    Knapp recommended going to older style primary we finally made switch after at least 1500$ worth of rollers in a 17 winder with ms17 and a paddle track. I admit I was skeptical, we made zero changes to the used apex primary except new thunder rollers and moved the winder spring over. It’s a...
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    2022 Mach Z

    Kinda sounds like Dan might be considering move to the dark side lol. Lot of cool tech in new Mach for sure. I haven’t seen any mention about a factory blowoff valve? There is a discernible lag from a quick throttle input vs a stock winder but even weirder is when you chop throttle the current...
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    Skid frame seams out of alinement

    For a quick fix for a worn axle we bought a warranty return axle from a cat dealer instead of waiting for machine shop. It was sitting at dealer because the drivers weren’t in the right spot from the factory. It didn’t just run out of alignment it made a godawful grinding noise constantly. My...
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    lost rpm

    That is exact symptoms we had, diagnosis is really easy if you have access to a different sensor to swap in. We had an earlier production one that fixed it instantly.
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    lost rpm

    Our map sensor fails gave exactly these symptoms. Have 4 bars and new tunes on the way.
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    GAP 3 bar sensor problems

    Thanks Mike we will do the bypass, we haven’t and both have lots of miles on them. The one sensor read high from day one though which seemed weird. The other with that same manufacture date never worked at all, never picked up boost so sled runs short of fuel I assume and can’t pull any higher revs
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    GAP 3 bar sensor problems

    A month ago we had a serious miss at higher rpm ms17 tuned sidewinder. Put in a new 3 bar sensor instantly fixed. Bought one from TD and one from Hurricane to have a spare. They are dated 11 of 2020. Sled is exhibiting the same issue again, works okay cool but gradually problem gets worse the...
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    2019 Yamaha Sidewinder running bad!

    We chased a weird misfire and it ended up being the gap 3 bar sensor, your miss might be more specific though. We had another sensor to try which made diagnosis super simple though.