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    2017 Yamaha Sidewinder repair manual

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    My Sons 2001 Mountain Max 700 refresh and upgrades.

    Got to manage the budget when dealing with the toys.
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    My Sons 2001 Mountain Max 700 refresh and upgrades.

    But it looks like the amazing deep snow no action Yamaha skid. Almost anything from the other manufacturers off trail sleds works better and is lighter. The last couple we played with I went with Polaris skids with the holz coilover kits. They were snow eating machines after that modification.
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    What Song?

    Love that song. Corey played that one in the parking lot show at the Fargo brewing co a few years ago. Was super cool to see him at such a small event doing whatever he wanted. Might have been 300 people there that night.
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    What Song?

    Skyy and water, hold on to memories, or the end. Just depends on which band I want to hear at the time.
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    2025 Yamaha Snowmobile Speculation

    You have this one back now or is it still at Pat’s?
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    2025 Yamaha Snowmobile Speculation

    They were originally red/white color scheme
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    TekVest Group Buy Program – Totallyamaha

    I’ve been riding in one forever now. After I cartwheeled out of the creek Memorial Day weekend 10ish years my insurance co paid for a new one (helmet too). Did it’s job so they didn’t even blink when we added new protective gear to the claim.
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    TekVest Group Buy Program – Totallyamaha

    That’s a cool feature. Make them as custom as you want.
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    I’ve got one in an apex but it’s not a carve. It’s also in a custom tunnel so not sure if any of the numbers would transfer.
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    PSA - Get your colonoscopy

    Yep. Really wasn’t much to it other than not getting a whole lot of sleep that night.
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    Ride lite

    For sure. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been given the closed fist, I’m the last sled, signal and there’s another group on their #*$&@ I’d almost be able to buy a new sled. The whole counting down thing is out of hand. Just ride your sled, stay on your side, and worry about staying in...
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    Extra Ride Tee for 2023

    Done thanks!!
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    Extra Ride Tee for 2023

    Done. Added a little extra for a site donation. Thanks for all you do keeping this thing operational
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    Extra Ride Tee for 2023

    I’ll take the 2xl shirt and a couple of the tumblers
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    Oil and Filter Change

    Spent some time down there through the years. Wife has relatives in paynesville
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    Seeking info on Phazer Mtn Lite track 144x14x2 2.52

    The 15 wide doesn’t fit right. 14.5 is about the max. Tracks USA will cut them. A lot of people went to the 1.5” freeride track with great results. Not sure if they are still making them anymore.
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    2023 srx who's still waiting on delivery

    The old school red/white color combo is bad$$$. Everyone associates the srx with the blue color scheme but the red/white is where the go fast Yamahas began.
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    What Did You Do To Your Sled Today???

    Today - nothing. Yesterday - rode it
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    Any ideas?? Electrical issue

    07 apex - last ride last year it started acting up - would be riding along and sled would die like you hit the kill switch, then keep running without having to turn key to restart, and hand warmers quit about a mile from home. Shut it down and it hasn’t ran since. Kill switch up, key on equals...