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  1. Kevin

    Wet Weight Sleds

    No 900R ?
  2. Kevin

    2020 LT-X GT 137, what's different from LT-X LE and SRX?

    how does the 1" track do in heavy snow conditions? I only ride in northern Quebec and I would be worried about the 1" tack
  3. Kevin

    22 winder heavier rear springs

    Looking for options for heavier rear springs 22 winder 250 lbs rider plus gas and luggage already have the bigger rear blocks Has anyone tried the sprigs off a 2 up sled or ??
  4. Kevin

    anyone up in the Val D'or area?

    Trails were awesome 1000 miles in 3 days
  5. Kevin

    anyone up in the Val D'or area?

    Thinking about heading up to Val D'or. Anyone up there?
  6. Kevin

    Parts Collecting Dust, aka ( HOARDERS ANONYMOUS)

    I have a ton of old Yami 2 stroke stuff. I just keep moving it around :)
  7. Kevin

    How long do you keep the same springs for?

    Just curious how many miles you guys put on your clutch springs before replacing them? My 2 springs must have 10,000 miles on them by now.
  8. Kevin

    Ignition fuse keeps blowing after oil change!

    check for wires pinched behind the actuator. wires should be in front on it, not between it and case
  9. Kevin

    How many miles did you get on your sled this season 2022-2023?

    Just shy of 2600 miles on some damn nice Quebec trails
  10. Kevin

    2024 Yamaha line up is released!!

    The warranty is confusing. Looks like you have to buy it?
  11. Kevin

    Thundercat clutch

    Dealer gave him a great deal on a Adapt Now just needs weights for his tune
  12. Kevin

    Sled allocation 24

    My dealer is already sold out of what they are getting and has a waiting list. The damn things haven't even been released yet
  13. Kevin

    SW clutching and any tips

    Cat here doesn't require it I might have the only untuned SW in Canada...lol
  14. Kevin

    SW clutching and any tips

    Very interesting that some think the stock clutching is better than TP set up So never got the sled tuned. 5000 miles so far in the 2 years. Yamaha wants all sleds scanned before warranty work. If my sled had been tuned I would have been on the hook for the driveshaft and bearing.
  15. Kevin

    Thundercat clutch

    Tapp is very expensive Not sure he wants another cat clutch...lol
  16. Kevin

    Thundercat clutch

    My friend has owned 2 recent thundercats 2017 3 primary clutches under warranty 2020 2nd primary just put on and not warranty Is there a clutch he can switch to that will actually last? the 2020 has a 240 tune
  17. Kevin

    Thankful for my SW Story

    My SW shut off after I hit a bump leaving Senneterre day 2 morning. Of course it was damn cold out. Pull all the panels and hood off and pulled out main relay and put it back in. Started up again an no issues for the remaining 1000 miles
  18. Kevin

    Thankful for my SW Story

    Yes I know them...lol I think the towed it to Amos Small world
  19. Kevin

    Thankful for my SW Story

    I might know the guy with the broken drive shaft...lol Great trails up that way Was up there a couple of weeks ago. It was cold but some great riding. We did 1200 miles in 5 days...Day 4 292 miles, Day 5 was just a little 100 mile run to the trucks
  20. Kevin

    22 LTX SE Limiter Strap