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  1. sxray

    Shock swap

    Thanks guys
  2. sxray

    Shock swap

    Are the shocks off a 18 sidewinder ltx 137 interchangable with a Viper 129 ? Have a set of QS3r"s and was wondering if they would bolt up to the Viper. Thanks
  3. sxray

    Set of nytro RTX (121) skid rails

    Check facebook marketplace. A guy in Grayling ( Nick Jones) is parting one out
  4. sxray

    wtb 2019- 2023 srx skid with or with out electric shocks 19 up srx looks same

    I'll get some pics to you first chance I get
  5. sxray

    wtb 2019- 2023 srx skid with or with out electric shocks 19 up srx looks same

    Have a 137 skid off an 18 ltx le if interested. QSR3 shocks
  6. sxray

    New Sidewinder owner - First Impressions/Accessories/Problems/Questions

    Check out knapps thread on removing rov. It states 3/8 which is what I used.
  7. sxray

    New Sidewinder owner - First Impressions/Accessories/Problems/Questions

    I just used a 3/8 rubber cap to cap of the nipple. Got it at the auto parts store.
  8. sxray

    Another no start/no power

    Thanks Steve, sled it at my brothers so I don't have access to it now. He has three other sleds to ride so this not a rush job. I only have a harbor freight meter and very little knowledge of how to use it. I will start with things you've suggested and let you know results. Thanks
  9. sxray

    Another no start/no power

    Thanks for replies. Any more suggestions welcome. Will update when I get another chance to work on sled. Merry Christmas
  10. sxray

    Another no start/no power

    This is my brothers sled. He would start it during the summer with no problems until one day no start/no power. He thought dead battery so tried to jump it. Nothing. I've been trying to help him get it started by doing all the tips from this forum. New battery fully charged, all ground blocks...
  11. sxray

    07 attak gt turns over won’t start no dash lights

    Just about positive they are all ground wires. should be a ground block at other end of chewed wires. Just wrap wires together (keep all brown and all blue with same) and solder. Tape or shrink wrap and you should be good. Going from memory but think I have it right.
  12. sxray

    Bearing behind secondary

    I have a couple new jackshaft bearings I'd sell for $30 each shipped
  13. sxray

    2006 Attak no power to fuel pump

    Like henseljg2 said, take the tank cover off and make sure mice haven't chewed the wires. Been there.
  14. sxray

    Fuel Pump Issues

    Check the wires under the tank cover. Mice love to nest there and chew the wires.
  15. sxray

    Jackson Hole Hill Climb Highlights

    Thanks for the video, Jackson Hole is on my bucket list
  16. sxray

    Please help ! !

    Ordered a repair kit from BOP Monday and received them today[Thursday]. Just ordered through his website, no need to speak with him.
  17. sxray


    Thank you
  18. sxray


    Does the VIP membership apply to the 2stroke side also? I have membership on this side but not 2stroke side.