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    Oil light after engine swap

    some oil pass might be aired. once my son felt on left side with yamaha MP. then it showed op-lo error and shut down several times. only full accelerating helped to press away that air bubble from the oil passage
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    Do i need to flush oil system after engine blowup?

    i would clean it with diesel fuel. it lubricates and cleans good enough, and is neutral to rubber gaskets
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    2008 Nytro Rtx died and no power

    but the main idea is not only to replace the fuse, but find the reason that fuse melted. inspect the wire harness, might be a wear/abrasion somewhere
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    Wiring Diagram MP and Dead Motor

    I think the service manual could answer - what colour of wire is used for each socket
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    Koso digital temp guage placement on Nytro

    what a nice handguard on your photo.. what model/mfgr?
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    The Covid Escape Room

    you know what? Covid is lately removed from lethal diseases list in Belarus Republic ))
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    Tour Buddy Instructions?

    That's a poor manual, no info on drilling holes.. (
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    tour buddy?

    Hi, guys, just bought a used tour buddy extra tank. Unfortunately no inst manual attached. Would you please share one with me? Thnx
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    Ski runners

    Hi guys, just changed my deadly-weared ski runners for new ones. got non-original ones, promises to work longer, did you try such ones? they have much longer blades a little video on the process:
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    Direct reverse gear switch

    Added some details on harness:
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    Direct reverse gear switch

    Added some comments under the video. Ask if any questions. I think all is clear, guys from Rissia tried the sceme and are pleased)
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    Direct reverse gear switch

    Allright, I ll add some comments under the video)
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    Direct reverse gear switch

    So, while getting ready for winter season, I figured out, how a reverse gear might be switched on directly, by a manual thumbler switch. So, I 've made a little video on that issue: Some Russian language, but might be clear how to do it
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    Heat exchanger removal

    I wonder, which page in manual describes the process..
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    Heat exchanger removal

    So, no need to unmount the engine?
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    Heat exchanger removal

    I wonder, if it's possible to dismount heat exchanger on MP with minimal efforts, from the tunnel side?
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    Heat exchanger removal

    Hi guys, I think I'm experiencing some leakage in the center of a tunnel heat exchanger, right in the seam. Dtected some dry spot there... Couldn't find any clear instuction on how to remove it in order to weld it. Please, share some experience on it... Or maybe it would be enough just to...