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    Interesting clutch stuff, Viper clutches & floating secondary

    so its the viper secondary that fits not the apex correct? and the apex primary?
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    Trailer Question

    may not be relevant but my apex XTX 144 is the same length as my sidewinder Ltx le 137. both of them have to have the skis tucked up in the front of the trailer and the flaps barely miss the cover on the back on my triton clam shell.
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    Port Yamaha

    yeah no not at Port Kevin knows his stuff very well.
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    You can keep one... 07 Attak GT or 12 Apex SE

    @cannondale27 do you have a fix for the shock on this? A re-valve that cures the poor ride? he is our shock guru and is in Wisconsin. great work great prices.
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    headlight adjustment

    adjust for high beam for sure way better like Steiner says. bring it down so high beam covers the ground in front of you.
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    Noise similar to squeal or squeak

    when I would hear that kind of noise it was belt slippage on the primary check to see if you have a grove in the sheaves. sound sometimes sounds like it is coming from on place when its actually a different area
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    You can keep one... 07 Attak GT or 12 Apex SE

    the air shock is no fun on that sled unless someone put some money into it. I would look for an xtx as well. then I would vote but you are asking a question that I would be hard pressed on myself because I don't care for the SE. hands down on a xtx or if by chance the se has coil over rear shock...
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    2019 TY Houtghon/Hancock (Mohawk) Ride

    seen the video on my news feed on face book this morning great job!!
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    Packers playoffs predictions?

    Rogers needs to get his head in the game and start being more on target. if not for some great support from his team he would have a terrible rating this year. I hope they figure it out and get him back to the player he was a couple years back. I don't think we will see them in the super bowl...
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    bulkhead damage?

    @hibshman25 you need a bulk head saver kit from barn of parts.
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    Port Yamaha

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    Help... sensor fell out.

    I had the same thing happen to mine. there is a dimple in the side of the chain case that it sits in looked to me that it was silicone in so that is how I reattached it. I have not got it back together yet so I hope it works. seems like it might be a speed sensor reading the magnets on the side...
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    lower a arm bolt?

    not real hard just trying to remember when I did front bushings and I think I had to remove some plastic but by no means a major tear down left sled on trailer while I did them.
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    lower a arm bolt?

    there is a nut
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    Code 12 crank sensor & stator replacement instructions

    my 12 apex has trouble starting first thing in the morning cold as well. I noticed on day that my coolant overflow bottle was a tad low so I topped it off and had no issues starting the sled all season don't know if that was why or not but no problem since and was the only thing I did.
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    Apex engine swap and now won’t run right

    That is exactly how my SC apex sounded with the code active. as soon as I cleared the code it started and ran perfect again.
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    Apex engine swap and now won’t run right

    to clear a code 20 you have to disconnect the fuel controller hook sled back up stock and turn the key on the code should go away the reconnect the fuel controller and you may be good to go. had this happen when my sensor got all covered in ice and had to clear it this way.
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    New defective XS 825

    You guys had me worried just had on delivered from shade tree still in the box for 2 weeks had to open it up to check and whew mine is okay.
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    Merry Christmas to all!

    Merry Christmas Everyone and remember shiny side up!!
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    Is it worth to upgrade to a newer sled?

    hey now he is posting positive stuff now he has turned a new leaf we should too!