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  1. farmerschiferl

    Anyone ride with goggles that dont fog?

    I used to have a ton of problems with 509 goggles in the past but started running there newer styles and no longer have an issue but really believe it was because I went to a helmet that doesn't have a breath box and use the kilim artic balaclava that deflects my breath down and out. the only...
  2. farmerschiferl

    Wishing for Winter

  3. farmerschiferl

    Go to for oem parts new or used.

    Todd Hoffman might have some parts he is based out of east central wisconsin (920)841-1858 he has parted down a few phazers
  4. farmerschiferl

    2022 TY End of Year Ride Pics

    few pictures that i took from playing in the trees
  5. farmerschiferl

    Mountian Riding Boots?

    treat them well because the new ones don't hold up
  6. farmerschiferl

    Mountian Riding Boots?

    Tobe cordus boots would be my pick if your feet are generally warm no problem otherwise if you need something with more insulation and warmth like me look into Tobe's Nimbus Snowmobile Boots. Most of the boot sizes are sold out on their website for this season but there is a chance one of there...
  7. farmerschiferl

    Ski/snowboard rack

    might be something from linq that you could mount up
  8. farmerschiferl

    TY Ride Dates 2021-22 Season!! This will be our 20th Anniversary!!

    Bigfoot and I are still on for comeing up for the mohawk ride hopefully there will be snow to ride on.
  9. farmerschiferl

    Order your TY 20th Anniversary Ride Shirts 2021-22 Season now!!

    Great design this year. will get my order in later this week.
  10. farmerschiferl

    Wishing for Winter

  11. farmerschiferl

    2021 Annual TY Do it in Dirt Spring ATV UTV Ride

    Unfortunately doesn’t look like I’ll be able to attend forgot about a family wedding that saturday that I gotta go to. Have fun will have to meet up with y’all a different time up there.
  12. farmerschiferl

    Looks like a new display/GPS in the works?

    only other nice thing to see them integrate it right into it would have been inreach technology for emergency situations. but either way long overdue
  13. farmerschiferl

    Best track for sr viper mtx

    just put a 2.6 composit on my sidewinder figured for the $700usd i couldn't go wrong on trying it compared to a name brand track cost
  14. farmerschiferl

    An apology to everyone

    I wanted to start out by saying thank you to everyone on this site especially Mr Sled who I consider a great friend and everyone else who is part of TY consider a second family. I recently posted something on facebook that might have seemed like bashing Mr. Sled and the trail group, I wasn't...
  15. farmerschiferl

    February Snowy Range Wyoming Trip 2021

    was a creek that I landed in was playing off along the trail and didn't see it till last minute the wind was pretty intense and was almost white out conditions.. thankfully came out with the use of the snowbunjee and another sled quite easily with a little bit of shoveling. one nice thing about...
  16. farmerschiferl

    February Snowy Range Wyoming Trip 2021

    Few friends and I went out to the snowy mountain range February 19th to the 24th ended up having a blast with them having over 7 FEET of snow posted them on Facebook during the trip but have friends here that I figured would enjoy. Everyone took their own sleds that we ride up in Michigan with.
  17. farmerschiferl

    End of year ride is a go... send the year end out with some fun!!

    we learned that you only use reverse trick to come down a hill incase of an emergency.... I had other pictures and videos but forgot to save them