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    Shifter Chatters Time to rebuild

    Hi there, So, I have a 1993 VK Pro (yeah I know, older than some of you here lol) and its grinding whenever I shift, hi, lo, rev. Time for a rebuild but I've never done this before so before I start pulling things apart i thought I'd ask you guys if there is a manual or anything that could...
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    Yamaha Venture code 11

    Thanks Mooseman, Hopefully that works! Except that's for a phaser and I have to take the gas tank off to get to the plugs. Good news is that you replied to someone on exactly how to do that. I'll give it a shot and we'll see what happens. thx
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    Yamaha Venture code 11

    Hey folks, I went to start my Venture after it sitting in the shed all summer and no go. The display lights up but the engine won't crank. I noticed that "code 11" was flashing on the screen. I read through a code 11 threads here for an Apex. I was wondering if there is anything else I...
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    Flashing Green drive light while in motion

    Over the last 2-3 weeks, the green drive light has ocassionally flashed a few times while sledding. This happens soon after starting off and stops within a few minutes. It flashes 2-6 times, randomly and then is steady. This has happened about 5 times. I also had a problem with the sled being...
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    Looking for a New/Used Sled. Which model do you recommend

    Thanks guys! Good point Yukon MP. I have no complaints of the Venture so a second one would be a good choice. It would have to be a different colour though so we don't ride each others machine :) I did change out the fuel pump relay just last week Deep Frz and that's the only problem I've...
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    Looking for a New/Used Sled. Which model do you recommend

    Hey Gang, We have an 07 Venture MP and it's just about perfect for our needs. We have guest cabins in the woods and we tow guests in an adapted dog sled back and forth. They love it! We also drag trails and haul firewood. We also have Heart Attack hill to get up and down. I don't need to go...
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    How to Change the Fuel Pump Relay on a 2007 Venture MP

    Thanks guys! BTW it was -26C at 8 AM. I turned the key and the fuel pump purred!
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    How to Change the Fuel Pump Relay on a 2007 Venture MP

    I'd like to thank everyone who has posted on this subject. I've gathered up all the comments I could find and with my experience having just changed the FPR I thought another post might be useful. My machine is a Venture MP 2007. 1. Your sled won't start in cold weather. You turn the key and...
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    Fuel pump sensor (exact location)

    Thanks Mooseman. I just did mine. The relays are behind the battery. I removed the left bolt and right nut holding the battery bracket, bent the whole assembly forwards about 2 inches, reached behind and pulled the third from the left relay (I hope this was the right one!!!). I used an awl type...