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  1. ViperSbite

    New Camso Track. thoughts??

  2. ViperSbite

    New Camso Track. thoughts??

    I talked to Bruce at CB Performance earlier in the week. He now has the new tracks listed on his site. Definitely not MSRP... decisions, decisions!! Cheers
  3. ViperSbite

    Any 2025 ltx-le available

    Sorry, I'm in northern IL and inquired about an LTX-LE - one of the larger dealers here didn't have any allocations... they only had one SRX left as of Monday... goodluck!! On a side note, it's nice to see the new riser briefly in action in the official Yamaha lineup video:
  4. ViperSbite

    2025 Yamaha Spring Power Surge

    Hopefully everyone who is looking will secure a unit!!
  5. ViperSbite

    2025 SRX photo leak?

    Noticed that too... my dealer had several SRX's he sold already sight unseen. Wonder how quickly these will go. Not feeling the last blue edition. Black looks good IMO
  6. ViperSbite

    2025 SRX photo leak?

    Final edition badge... 1 of 998. I guess we know the allocation.
  7. ViperSbite

    Gap app

    I checked and the same thing on my end. Just used it successfully a week or two back...
  8. ViperSbite

    Intake Boot Spacer Modification for Boost Leak

    I forgot how much fun the whole job is.
  9. ViperSbite

    Intake Boot Spacer Modification for Boost Leak

    Thanks, removing the bolt did it.
  10. ViperSbite

    Intake Boot Spacer Modification for Boost Leak

    So I've done this on my 2018 in the past and now starting on my '23 SRX... I loosened the bolt by the spline end of ps unit and removed the top collar bolts, but it doesn't seem to budge beyond an eighth of an inch... Before I try to force thing a little, are there any tips on taking the...
  11. ViperSbite

    Midwest snow report

    Thanks for that. I miss John Dee - trying to stay positive. :letsnow:
  12. ViperSbite

    Larger intercooler?

    Good feedback on the frogskinz Mike. Was curious if that kit would work. 100% agree on the snow - as others have done, I just installed the Arctic cat grill (part #: 7606-117) - hoping it does a better job than the stocker. Quick pic for comparisons.
  13. ViperSbite

    2025 SRX color

    My dealer mentioned it'll be blue and white with a MSRP of $24k... we'll see!!
  14. ViperSbite

    Arctic Cat Mid Performance Windshield...

    Deal of the week if anyone is interested...
  15. ViperSbite

    Looking at a 2023 SRX

    Back to your original question, I would also recommend the no-freeze relays. The rear axle is decent and an improvement over the tri-hub. I did keep mine stock last year, but purchased the stealth kit from J&T which I will install for this season. Per Todd: We offer the 8.2” Stealth wheel kit...
  16. ViperSbite

    2023 Yamaha SRX

    Little bit of a drive (400 miles), but Recreation Plus in Twin Lakes, WI has a 2023 in stock as of a couple weeks ago. The owner, Bob, was mentioning how everyone wants a 2024. He'd probably be interested. Their #: is 262-877-2794. Nielsens in Lake Villa (IL) also have a 2023 in stock...
  17. ViperSbite

    Yamaha done with sleds

    R.I.P. My Doo/Poo buddies are already giving me #*$&@, lol. Told me they know a good therapist. :die Might have to buy a couple and crate them. (And I think they're over-priced now)!! Might last me my lifetime though. :dunno: Wishful thinking. But I'll enjoy my Sidewinder at least a few more...
  18. ViperSbite

    How many miles did you get on your sled this season 2022-2023?

    Wishing you a speedy recovery FrozenTows4!! I only managed 1200 miles across 3 short trips to Northern Wisconsin and the U.P. Maybe next season we'll get some snow and cold in Northern IL!! :mad: Cheers :drink:
  19. ViperSbite

    2024 Yamaha Spring Power Surge

    Good luck to those looking to secure a 2024 model!!