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  1. kimoajaj

    Old style collar jackshaft bearing installation procedure

    Hi guys! Been searching around for a while for the correct installation procedure for the old style collar in the jackshaft bearing behind the secondary. This is on a 2003 RX-1 Mountain. I am doing a complete driveshaft / jackshaft bearing change and I need to get this together tomorrow. The...
  2. kimoajaj

    Oil vent line re-routing ?

    Hi! Since I got my winder I`ve had to empty the intercooler two times for engine oil due to not being fast enough with pulling the tether cord when lying upside down. My dealer says that I can just run the hose into free air (guess a little catch thank would be smart) and disconnect it from...
  3. kimoajaj

    06 Attak stalling at idle

    My first post on the forum in a while! Considering to buy an Apex Warrior 2006 with the same milage, and I would never expect the valves to be out of adjustment on a Yamaha at that milage! But I have been out of the Apex game for 15 years so little do I know.. . As mentioned above, a vaccum...
  4. kimoajaj

    Chaincase problem.

    Hi! I am planning to run my Sidewinder for years to come and coming from 11 trouble free years on the Nytro turbo, I would like to do this upgrade. I couldn`t find the brass shift fork pads on eBay?
  5. kimoajaj

    Nytro Turbo MCX 240 bogs down at idle / problem

    OK I see Tvatcher! But this sled was running like it should before and after the kit was installed, but now it`s acting up. Wire rub through? OEM injector(s) gone bad from too much octane booster?
  6. kimoajaj

    Nytro Turbo MCX 240 bogs down at idle / problem

    Hi guys! Working on a friends Nytro that seems to run way to rich. The tunnel behind the silencer is all black from smoke. Two years ago I replaced the MCX box due to failure of the old one (startet bogging when trying to build boost), and the sled ran flawless. Next season it started to act up...
  7. kimoajaj

    MTX 162" more cooling

    Aha ok thanks for the reply! Tried googling MM racing but didn`t find anything. Will a cooler from a BTW bolt straight on ? I figure there will be some different pipes or hoses?
  8. kimoajaj

    MTX 162" more cooling

    Hi ! Has anyone added more coolers / cooling system to an MTX ? This weekend I got the rews limited due to overheating, happened when I stopped the sled and let it idle a little while whilst deciding what line to pick. Snow was hard packed just before I stopped and I didn't have the ice...
  9. kimoajaj

    Wouldn`t start after rolling over

    Thanks for the reply maim! I guess that only happens in really really cold weather. But I think the reason is the fuel pressure in the fuel rail being too low so it would be interesting to know how the tank is made and where the outlet is. Like, can this happen also when riding, that would`t be...
  10. kimoajaj

    Wouldn`t start after rolling over

    Hi guys! On Sunday I sidehilled my Sidewinder MTX 162" and eventually when it got really steep I got stuck. Easiest was to roll the sled down, so it rolled 3-4 times. I let it rest a minute and then tried starting it. The front of the sled was pointing down the hill, it`s wasn't that steep...
  11. kimoajaj

    First ride on the 2018 MTX 162",review & ski`s & suspension questions

    Hi guys! Friday I picked up my 2018 (brand new leftover) Sidewinder MTX 162 LE. When I got home I installed the MCX race muffler, MCX out of the hood air intake, tether switch (oem), green arctic cat primary spring, drilled out the oem "rivets" in the weights and installed some "rivets" that I...
  12. kimoajaj

    2017 Sidewinder VS 2018

    Aha OK I see! Thanks for the replies! 2018 is the way to go then, think they look cooler too. Just sent an e-mail to Erik at MCX and asked if the mapping of the MCX box needs to be different when running a cold air intake out of the hood on it. Still have to get the Nytro sold tho.
  13. kimoajaj

    2017 Sidewinder VS 2018

    Aha OK I see! How much of a difference is it with the dropped chain case? I think I will go for an ECU flash then, seems like the the best solution and not having to worry about the piggy back box going bad.
  14. kimoajaj

    2017 Sidewinder VS 2018

    Hi guys! Been quite a while since my last post on the forum, many many years actually. I left you when the Viper came. Been riding my good old Nytro 162" MCX 190 Skinz since, still runs like a champ after 9000km. That being said, I have a feeling the Sidewinder is a good quality sled and...
  15. kimoajaj

    2011 Nytro MCX 240 bog issue

    Hi guys! A friend of mine just bought a 2011 Nytro XTX MCX 240, sled runs great and everything seems fine, but if you let the sled sit for 15-20 minutes and then fire it back up and take it for a rip, it bogs heavily when trying to build boost. It backfires and sputters really bad, but if you...
  16. kimoajaj

    2011 Nytro XTX max lug height

    Hi! A friend of me just purchased a 2011 Nytro XTX (MCX 240 + lots of skin stuff) and the track needs to be replaced. It as 9 tooth Avid drivers and a 2" finger track for the moment. What is the max lug height you can run with these drivers? :4STroke:
  17. kimoajaj

    2011 Nytro MTX 162" Skinz setup shock pressure

    Hi guys! Just purchased and installed my 39" Skinz Concept front end, now I`m looking for some suspension setup tips. I haven't been able to ride sled due to lack of snow and when the snow comes I want to ride as much as possible and not fiddle around with suspension adjustment all the...
  18. kimoajaj

    Replacement airintake prefilter MCX Turbo kit

    I know it`s been a while but this thread came in handy now when I`m about to order new prefilters! :) Thanks!
  19. kimoajaj

    Using my Phazer MTX 2013

    Impressive work! You seem to know your way around a metal plate! :-) Keep it up!