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  1. Allan

    sr viper gauge display clusters

    It seams the gauge display clusters is gone on my son in laws 2018 btx viper. the gauge only light up and flashes Genesis 4 stroke. Everything else works on the machine, light high and low, hand and thumb warmer. when you turn the key it flashes and it still flashed even after the key it...
  2. Allan

    Valve check?

    Thanks I did my 2016 at 18500km.
  3. Allan

    Valve check?

    How many miles first time and second time?
  4. Allan

    Broke Sway bar replacement procedure

    Remove the mounting brackets on both side, let go the linkage. That's all is required. You might have to do some twisting and turning to get the new one in.
  5. Allan


    Great all around sled
  6. Allan

    Valve check?

    Have anyone tried to adjust the valves without tipping the engine? Keeping the cam sprocket in place on the chain and keep the chain tight so the chain tensioner stayed in place and in contact with the chain. It was posted last year a dealer did it this way on 7000 cat .
  7. Allan

    Valve check?

    I had a 2016 (16.5) had the valves get tight at 18500 km, I had it fixed under warranty and sold it . I have another 2016 now and it has 9200 km and is fine. but after the newest flash the idling is different as it start at 1600 rpms and it do drop down to 1350 for a brief second, but this...
  8. Allan

    Key on, but nothing happens

    Yes behind the coolant bottle
  9. Allan

    B-TX Vs M-TX

    BTX has a sway bar, MTX Does not in the 153, this alone will make the BTX more stable
  10. Allan

    New Ecu flash for Yamaha Viper/Arctic cats 7000 w/POLL

    Sound like tight valves.
  11. Allan

    Losing RPM and not holding normal top speed

    The quest for speed continues lol
  12. Allan

    2015 viper brakes stuck on, sled on fire

    When a sled sits for a long time it not on command for the track to stick to the slides and make it hard to move, it may not of been the break sticking. As for the dust this could be belt dust. If the rotor got movement (float ) the break is not stuck.
  13. Allan

    Have you guys heard this news about Arctic Cat?

    We have one complete Arctic sled in Yamaha line up now. Even the clutching in from Arctic cat. Yamaha 600 arctic engine for $14499 https://www.yamaha-motor.ca/products/details-build-price.php?model=5246&group=SM&catId=119 Same sled from arctic cat with the 8000 engine. For $13195...
  14. Allan

    Looking to buy a Viper

    Last year I picked up a xtx for $7300 ca with only 1100 km. so keep looking.
  15. Allan

    2016 RTX SE?

    I picked up 2016 xtx with 1100 km last year in Oct for $7300 ca. Machine was in excellent shape. But that was a great deal.
  16. Allan

    Front shock spring

    I put the arctic cat 160 lb spring on my xtx and found it a lot better. part # is 2704-229.
  17. Allan

    Replacement Top Gear Bushing

    I used the this bushing skf pcz 1616E on my Viper when I did my service this year. Will see how it hold up next year. I had to cut a little off the bushing...
  18. Allan

    Replacement Top Gear Bushing

    I got the 1" bushing and cut a little of to make them flush on both sides of the gear.
  19. Allan

    Chain case upper gear bushing!

    Just replaced the bushing in the top gear of my son in law btx viper. Only 5000km and the the bushing was bad. I have never replace one before with less than 7000km .
  20. Allan

    Valve check?

    Yamaha is all over the place with this. I think dealer has a lot to do with getting covered. Because Yamaha only gives them about 4 hours to do it and it takes around 8. so a dealer is out $.