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  1. Sled Dog

    HID lights on a RX

    Wondering if anyone has any pictures of how they installed these lights? I seem to have a problem getting the wire clip to seat properly. I can get it to clip but its not seating properly like when the OEM lights are installed?
  2. Sled Dog

    130 miles today

    Well left here for Childs lake and steak dinner. Then took the East route back to Roblin and back home. 130 miles of great riding, trails are still fine here but needs to melt now for lubrication. I would not run at night without scratchers. All in all great Easter ride not too often you can...
  3. Sled Dog

    Taking out transfer rods on proaction

    Looking at taking out the transfer rods on my rx1 proaction. What do I replace the space with if taken right out where it attaches at the wheel at the top? What can I expect with this taken right out?
  4. Sled Dog

    Friend keeps getting code 37

    Hello a friend of mine keep getting code 37 on his Nytro and he would like to know what is causing it and how to fix?
  5. Sled Dog

    2011 RS Venture leaking oil on -25 start up then stopped.

    I started my 2011 RS Venture in -25C and it was leaking oil from underneath about an ounce from what I could see. I checked the oil level and it was down just a bit, I did not add any. I let it warm up and it seemed to have stopped I went for a 10 mile slow cruise and when I stopped and checked...
  6. Sled Dog


  7. Sled Dog


    Please look to see if there is already a thread started for the member you want to post about!
  8. Sled Dog

    Cleaning up old ads

    Just a little reminder to write delete on the header in your ads so we know to delete them. If you posted a wanted ad and it has been fullfilled or you bought a new one let us know to delete it this way it keeps things up to date. Thank you!
  9. Sled Dog

    What is the difference between a YSY and OSO primary spring

    What are the differences between these two springs which has the lowest engagement.
  10. Sled Dog

    Apex reverse handle fits into RX1 perfectly

    Just installed an Apex handle into my 05 rx1 and it fits perfectly and works just like the original. I was surprised at the weight of the handle yamaha could make the whole thing out of aluminum and save half a pound of weight if they wanted too. So if anyone wants to know if the billet or...
  11. Sled Dog

    RX1 , 2011 Apex and M1000

    My Rx1 an Apex and a M1000 lined up yesterday on a lake and on a field and the M1000 kicked our butts bad. I thought it would run out of legs but it didnt has the same top end as mine and I am geared 24 / 40. Took us both start to finish a number of times are these sleds that fast he said he is...
  12. Sled Dog

    In Case The World Ends Tommorow!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :jump:
  13. Sled Dog

    RX Reverse Handle

    Wondering if a Apex reverse handle will fit and work on a rx1? The part numbers are not the same but real close. Does any one know if any one makes an aluminum billet handle?
  14. Sled Dog

    Homemade trail groomer and or sleigh

    Has anyone built either a groomer or sleigh and if so could you post some pictures of it or better yet the plans to build one?
  15. Sled Dog

    Slow coolant leak

    Developed a coolant leak but sled ran like a champ luckily I was at home when the light came on. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else and where the problem was. Just want to know where to start looking at the most likely places.
  16. Sled Dog

    04 rx1 mountain Steering post slop and riser options

    I am going to do my donuts right away and I want to get rid of some slop in the steering and raise the bars a bit as well. What is the options for the steering post bushings and how tall a riser can I go without changing cables?
  17. Sled Dog

    Starter slipping on 05 RX1 and a possible cheap fix.

    The starter on my 05 RX1 kicks in for a few seconds and then slips quits cranking the engine and whines right out but only on a cold start if the engine is warm it starts right away first time every time. The battery is brand new and fully charged. Has anyone else had this problem?
  18. Sled Dog

    TY Manitoba Ride 2013 is a go thanks to wpgwarrior.

    Like the header says is anyone willing to coordinate the ride?
  19. Sled Dog


    I have seen and deleted a lot of double posts lately. I think people think they will get an answer quicker if they do well thats just not the case in fact you will have people posting on both and one of them will be deleted when a mod notices it. Please we have better things to do then to go...
  20. Sled Dog

    How long a riser can I get without changing cables on RX1M

    Wondering if anyone knows how long of a handle bar riser can I get without changing cables on a 04 RX1 Mountain?