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    Knock Light

    So I have about 300 miles on my Hurricane tune. Have the 225/240/270. First few tries on the 225 and 240 went well. 270 had the knock at the beginning. I assumed fuel quality. I run 91 octane. Starting yesterday I had knock on 240 and today 225. Same 91 octane. I'm lost. Must have a boost leak...
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    Dead Battery

    Well I put in a flasher and after two weeks of no use battery went dead. So thought was weak battery. I bought a new battery put in good to go. Week later dead. I read some threads and saw maybe flasher draws. Unplugged and didn't ride for few weeks and dead again. Never had this issue until...
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    2022 Mach Z

    Well finally some competition. They say 180HP and so didn't Yamaha and we know what that brought, 200HP. Ski-Doo is advertising the fastest production sled ever. I'm thinking it will be pushing the 200HP mark. Hell the 900T says 150HP and Dynos in at 165HP all day. I'm actually excited for the...
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    Hurricane Flash Issue

    Well folks I'm finally annoyed. Two weeks ago I came to my place 4 hours away to flash my sled with the 225/240/270 tune. I spent the weekend working on that, clutching, 22t gear, etc. After some trouble shooting I got the flash going. I ran the tunes and was in love. When I say ran it was on my...
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    Hurricane Tune

    Ok so here are my thoughts. I finally got a chance to ride it after all together. First off I'm glad I went to the 22/41 setup from stock. This thing pulls hard and I would have maxed out quickly on any long runs. I know my corner to corner is effected, but doesn't seem like a whole lot from...
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    Hurricane clutch weights help

    Hello looking for some advice. Got the Dalton dtya 70 clutch setup. Tune is 225/240ss/270ss. See it comes with 4 set screws for each weight. Very confused to what I'm supposed to use. Thanks
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    Hey guys I just got my flash from Hurricane. I plugged in my pc and hit 'program firmware' I'm so confused as I do not see anything on what my flash is. I feel like I'm missing something.
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    Squealing sound

    Anyone experience belt squealing sound at engagement? I have 240 miles on my 20' and noticed it a few times. Sled was completely stopped and a few times was off for a bit before starting up again.
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    Break in Miles

    How many miles until this sled is broken in. I searched and it seems like it's pretty quick. I have 84 miles on it finally lol. Hoping to put more on tomorrow.
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    Hurricane 240 Flash

    I recently messaged them on this and awaiting a response. I looked back at other posted threads and cannot seem to find the answer. My understanding is the 225 Flash will run stock everything. Will the 240 Flash run stock clutching with the stock muffler as advertised? If not then the...
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    Best bang for buck

    I have a 20 Sidewinder. Adding 4th wheel, Ice scrapers and some handguards. Now onto performance. I see some kits over 2k. I'm trying to keep cost down on that end. What would you all recommend for an affordable performance upgrade? Hopefully improve mpg as well. Thanks
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    4th wheel kit

    I just got my 20 sidewinder. Want to add 4th wheel. To many options. Looking for some help on choice. Thanks
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    What studs? Snow Check

    Im going to snow check tomorrow an ltx-le. They are going to stud it when it comes in. They recommend 1.325 Woody Signatures. 1.25 inch track. There putting on 196 per me. Im planning to do the turbo dynamic reflash kit. Thoughts are welcomed. Thank you.
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    2020 LTX-LE Pricing

    I'm looking to purchase a new Sidewinder LE. I was just qouted 16600 with a dealer 200.00 credit. I have no idea what is a good deal, but that doesn't seem enough. Let me know what you are seeing. I live in NH and it seems like other areas get better. Thanks for your help.