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  1. Matthew457

    How many of you are running full exhausts with no Power commander?

    Installing MBRP header with Skinz super Q muffler, who else is running full systems with out PC? How long and how’s it been?
  2. Matthew457

    Permatex Ultra copper gasket maker around donuts?

    Just changing my header and donuts, wondering if I should buy some permatex ultra copper gasket maker and put some at the connections of the flex pipe to donut and donut to header pipe? Also at the muffler connection. Will this help seal a lot better and last? I also am putting in copper donuts...
  3. Matthew457

    People using NGK 3521 CR9EIX Hyper IX spark plug?

    Anyone running these plugs? .032 gap, looking to get them for my 2012 Nytro xtx
  4. Matthew457

    Royal distributing ball joints?

    Anyone use these ball joints from Royal Distributing? Wayyy cheaper than Yamaha’s, says they’re OEM replacement.
  5. Matthew457

    MBRP Header?

    I currently run a skinz super Q muffler on the stock header. Going to be changing the donuts soon and was thinking of ordering an MBRP header while I’m going to have it all apart anyway. Was wondering what people think of this header? Anyone use it with a super q muffler? I love the sound of...
  6. Matthew457


    I have a 2012 Yamaha Nytro XTX, haven’t looked at the exhaust joints or donuts in like 8 thousand km. Anyone have had these on for a while and know how they hold up? It’s like the same price to buy all new joints and donuts anyways so seems like it’d be worth it. Thanks
  7. Matthew457

    Can these spring type ice scratchers be installed onto Nytro without drilling the skid?

    Just wondering if I can install these ice scratchers to the skid frame with out any drilling at all? Thank you!
  8. Matthew457

    Looking for 20 tooth top chain case gear for 2012 Nytro xtx

    Have a 2012 Nytro xtx. Looked all over and found this 20 tooth gear but says it’s for a 2012 apex xtx . Is this the exact same size as a nytro’s top gear? Or where can I find the gear in Canada? Can’t seem to find very much online, Thanks!
  9. Matthew457

    Gear box sprocket upgrade with 1.75 track upgrade?

    Hi, I just got a new 1.75 backcountry track for my 2012 Nytro xtx and am wondering if I should do any other upgrades to the chain case sprockets or anything else while the tracks getting swapped? Heard that I should get a smaller sprocket to give more torque to spin the larger track. What...
  10. Matthew457

    Adhesive for outerwear pre filter polyester mesh over vents?

    I just got two 12 x 12” sheets of outerwear pre filter sheets and I plan to put them over the metal vents, bottom vent on the oil can side, and the 2 openings on the top by the head light to stop all snow from entering the the machine. Where ever there’s openings. Tired of having 2 or 3 inches...
  11. Matthew457

    Does a 2012 Yamaha nytro XTX have a flat steering connection to the riser or a T bar?

    What size is the plate if it’s flat?
  12. Matthew457

    Will a PowerMadd 4 inch bar riser with adjustable tilt from 2000 arctic cat ZR 600 fit my 2012 Nytro

    Title says it all, just wondering if it’ll fit before I buy it
  13. Matthew457

    URGENT PLS: Super Q bracket doesn’t allow heat sheild to fit back onto nytro?

    There’s a bracket on the super q Exuast that is too high, it hits the heat sheild and doesn’t allowing it to sit back in place, am I doing something wrong? Please help!
  14. Matthew457

    Super Q Silencer coming in soon and what to know

    My super q silencer should be here in the next couple weeks! Can’t wait to get that bad boy on there! Anything to know about the super q? Has anyone had the slip on exhaust for a while and how’s it holding up? Some ppl say the nytro stutters sometimes with the super q on, is this true? Does it...
  15. Matthew457

    Installing “Super Q” (NOT ULTRA Q) Exhaust on 2012 Yamaha Nytro

    Who has put this same can on their nytro? It’s smaller profile than the ultra q so I’m just wondering if someone has put this exact can on the nytro and how to do so. Just how the super q attaches to the sled, cause this can is a different shape than stock so just wanna know if it slides right...
  16. Matthew457

    Anyone put on a super q exhaust on Yamaha nytro?

    Got a 2012 nytro xtx and want it to be louder. How is the super q? Pretty loud? Is it just a slip on? How do you install it? Very easy to get to and put on? Just want something that I can put on quick and will sound sweet and loud! Thanks
  17. Matthew457

    Stripped Nytro Oil Can Drain Hole

    Well I was just changing my oil and the drain plug bolt just wanted to keep tightening. Was only using a small little 1/4 inch driver and even with that I over tightened and stripped the bolt hole. Luckily the can only takes 5 min to take off so I can get it re threaded. Should I just bring the...
  18. Matthew457

    How do I get inside front idler bogie wheels off of the bar they are connected to so I can replace?

    I have the bar out where the bottom of the shock bolts on. Can’t get the shock off either because the bolt can’t push through the hole all the way because the head of the bolt hits the idler bogie wheels and won’t pull out all the way... which is an extremely stupid design because you need to...
  19. Matthew457

    Yamaha after market handle bar warmers

    Just picked up these new Yamaha warmers because one stopped working and the dealer said that 99% of the time it's the element that breaks. Only about $130 for the pair and the dealer said that they push about double the amount of heat out compared to the stock ones. Just wondering if I should...
  20. Matthew457

    No heat on the right side handle warmer

    Went out for a ride and it was working fine. Later during the ride, I noticed my fingers starting to get so cold and that it was starting to hurt on my right hand. When I stopped I took off my glove and felt that the handle was ice cold. Can't be driving like this for long, how do I fix it...