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  1. Sled Dog


    Bountyhunter just happens to have a turbo sled for sale right there in Winnipeg. :sled1: :sled1: :sled1:
  2. Sled Dog

    04 rx warrior running rough

    Run the sled in the dark and look to see arcing from the coils to the engines. If that's not it clean your carbs and also check for rub through on the cable running over the frame under the tool box in the front of the sled.
  3. Sled Dog

    03 rx1 no top end?????

    I don't think the belt would cause this change it if you like but it wont change a thing. Clean your carbs again and make sure your air box is on correctly this sled will not perform with the air box not on correctly. You should also check under the tool box in the front for the cable running...
  4. Sled Dog

    Help Please 03 Rx1 No Power!!!!!

    Check under the tool box in front for the cable running over the frame for rubbing through. If that is not the problem use some zip ties there to prevent it from happening in the future. Next switch out the CDI from a sled without this problem. If that is not it I would clean the carbs again...
  5. Sled Dog

    2004 RX Warrior Engine light flickers

    Check the wiring under your toolbox in the front there is a cable of wires running over the front frame. Check it out for rubbing through and shorting out. I put a rubber hose around it and zip tied it in place so it would not happen on mine. Let me know what you find!
  6. Sled Dog


    Very sad to hear this! He had some real helpful posts on this site. In fact I helped get one of them put in the TY section on how to sync your carbs.
  7. Sled Dog

    the incredible laws of quebec

    Cant say as I blame you the double standards there piss me off and I dont and never will live there. Its bull poop as the rest of Canada has to have french on all labels but yet they in that have not province dont have english on theirs. Rant over.
  8. Sled Dog

    Blown fuse

    This just happened to me. I was riding at moderately slow speed when I hit some ruts in the field and the sled seemed to side step underneath me. Next thing I know my butts on the ground and my visor cord pulled out from the visor instead of the short cable coming from it. Well its hooked up to...
  9. Sled Dog

    05 rx1 idle

    Turn your idle down just a bit until it runs normal
  10. Sled Dog

    RX-1 overheating

    My 04 sprung a leak and it was the hose coming right off the water pump front left part of the engine at the very bottom.
  11. Sled Dog

    RX1 hunting idle, HELP!! - Video

    To me it seems like it wants to come down from high idle and goes back up. Try setting your idle lower or higher to find the sweet spot. Have you checked your intake rubbers for cracks and is your air box for sure on properly?
  12. Sled Dog

    RX1 hunting idle, HELP!! - Video

    You carbs may need to be synced and turn your idle up to about 1600.
  13. Sled Dog

    Another failed oil thread 2014

    Ok so your running that in your sled?
  14. Sled Dog

    God said unto Adam

  15. Sled Dog

    Differences between Venture Lite and Multipurpose

    Mooseman you know your stuff especially when it comes to these two models. ;)! ;)!
  16. Sled Dog

    Headlight Keeps Burning Out

    Check out the blue wire with the white stripe in your handle bars. It may have rubbed on something that's moving.
  17. Sled Dog


    Yep that's the one. I installed mine near the key. While the starter is engaged it lights up after your engine starts and you let the key go the light will turn off. If after you start the sled and let the key go and the light stays on, your starter is still engaged. You will have to shut the...
  18. Sled Dog

    Another failed oil thread 2014

    That link is for 0W40 but its a diesel oil.
  19. Sled Dog

    05 rage starving for fuel?

    This is what I would check first. If that is not the problem change your plugs they do some strange things under pressure including shorting out in fact check your coils to make sure you do not have a light show going on and reinstall with dielectric grease.