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    How Many Buyers Bought 2022 With EPS

    Yamaha marketing stated Apex and Vector user base would upgrade to SW with new eps. Did it happen?
  2. Augie

    Canadian Federal Court Outlaws Sales Of AC Procross Sleds in Canada

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    Nytro and Apex XTX Belts

    Does the Nytro and Apex XTX use the same clutch belts?
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    Anybody Set Up Single Shot Xtx With Snowtrackers

    Has anyone set up an Apex xtx with single shot rear suspension with Aggressive Snow Trackers on tuners or single keel stock skis? How did it handle compared to an Apex xtx with CK suspension with stock single keel skis and aggressive snow trackers? I’m thinking of shopping for a newer Apex xtx...
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    Ride Board?

    Is there a ride forum somewhere on here? My regular riding bud took a day job so I’m looking for a bud that wants to put on miles in Vilas County and the UP for WEEKDAY day trips? I’m based from Phelps, WI ride a 2012 Apex xtx. I try to stay in twistys and unplowed FRs as much as possible just...
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    2001 SRX Power Valves

    My bud bought a 2001 SRX and all 3 power valves have broken cables. Is there a vender that rebuilds power valves? New valves are too expensive between $130 and $ 160. What can he do??
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    Where To Buy Aggressive Snowtrackers & Part#?

    What is the part number for Aggressive Snowtracker kit for Yamaha single keel skis for a 2012 Apex xtx? Where to buy online in USA?
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    Apex XTX Wheel Kit

    Thinking about a wheel kit for my 2012 Apex XTX with stock single keel skis with aggressive snow trackers. I want to protect my skis and carbides from road wear and have been ducking into side snow when possible but I can be locked in at home in a warm spell if roads melt down which is rare but...
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    OEM Agreement Between Yamaha & Textron

    The orginal OEM Agreement was between Yamaha & AC to use Yamaha engines in cat sleds and for Yamaha sleds to be assembled in TRFs.....is this correct? Does anyone know the OEM Agreement end date? At shows I have heard Yamaha Reps say 5 years and done but nothing about what is next? Is what is...
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    Who Bought 2018 Apex?.... The Last Apex...

    Well.... it's over after 2018 and the 18s look like the best Apex ever built. Who bought 1 or 2?
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    Helo by Ez-ryde On Apex XTX

    Anybody using the Helo by Ez-ryde on their Apex XTX? What improvements did you gain? I'm thinking of having the Helo installed on a 2012 Apex XTX to reduce CK rebound kick.While I would like to reduce rebound kick on my 2012 XTX I don't want to lose transfer adjustments for the installation of...
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    Snow Trackers & Transfer

    Trying to fine tune aggressive snow trackers on 2012 Apex XTX with ice ripper prestudded track. My new snow trackers are working great in deep powder with zero darting & turn well at any speed. However when I rip it on hard icy pack thru turns I'm getting inside ski lift which causes the skis to...
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    2 New Pure Yamaha Sleds In the Pipeline!

    Talked to Yamaha factory rep at sneak peak & was told 2 new pure Yamaha product releases are in the pipeline. Also said the Yamaha / Cat OEM Agreement is over & done in 5 years which stopped any further speculation on my behalf of what could happen with that. The OEM agreement served its' pupose...
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    New Single Shot Hyfax Wear?

    I discussed with Yamaha factory rep my concerns that 2016 Apex XTXLE 146 would wear Hyfax with 1.75 track on Northern WI trails. The Yamaha rep told me the new single shot rear skid uses all new approach angles so slide wear is not going to be a issue on trails & was tested on northern WI...
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    Shim Snow Tracker Carbides?

    Just purchased 7.5 inch Aggressive Snow Tracker Kit for 2012 Apex XTX. I wore out my Bergstrom Triple points & have a shim in the ski boots. Is it benefical to operation of the 7.5 inch Aggressive Snow Trackers to leave the shim in the boot or is it better to remove the shim?
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    Apex XTX Rear Suspension Adjustment?

    After running thru all the cam block settings & compression clickers I'm finding cam block on hard & clicker on hard settings reduces the kick but still too much for me. I would like to slow down rear shock rebound but no clicker only compression. What is the best solution for XTX skid kick...
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    How Many Miles SnowTrackers?

    What kind of wear is typical with aggressive SnowTrackers? I can get at least 5000 miles with Bergstrom triple points but if SnowTrackers perform better ....maybe next year. I have a 2012 Apex XTX with iceripper track with stock skis.
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    What Is SAG In FOR 2011 SE?

    My buddy bought a used 2011 SE & air went somewhere from Mega in 100 mile ride. He bought another pump with higher psi scale & pumped to 175 psi. What should his Sag In measurement be at 225lbs. We are new to the Mega never had air shocks before & getting weight off sled to pump is a PITA. Any...
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    Anybody Stretch An 2011 Apex SE To 144 Ice Ripper Or Other T

    Anybody Stretch An 2011 Apex SE To 144 Ice Ripper Or Other Track? Just wondering if this has been done & how did the sled handle after the strech?