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    Is it just me or??

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    Sr viper/procross chassis

    You should know better than to print that statement on this site! This is the AC/Viper haters forum :jump:
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    I know that it was. The guy just kept tearing my post apart, but I do know people that have them.
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    I'm not trying to prove anything. All I did is write about my experience with AC. You attacked me with your 1st post. All you have to do is go back to the start & read rather than keep coming at me looking like an idiot. I said that it was MY EXPERIENCE! no one else's. Just incase you don't...
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    If you were a religious man, I would swear on the Bible. He goes out west every year test riding the new AC's. He is in some of AC's pictures that they put out, & used to race for them. I could list a whole bunch of things, but since you live in Mi, you wouldn't know him anyways.
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    I do know people that do own them & like them. I personally know one of AC's test riders also, so I guess that counts going by your quote listed above. I guess that it goes to show that even though there are problems which EVERY make has, not everyone has had the same problems as yourself. If...
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    Maybe you should do the research before you post! Read the post 1st. That's MY Experience, no one else's. I have rode AC since 1988-2005, when I switched to Yamaha at that time only because I liked the looks of the Vector/RX-1. I can't help it that all of my AC machines were great for me & your...
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    That's where we're the same, but on different brands. Don't get me wrong. I loved my RX-1 & my Vector, but I, myself never blew a belt on my Arctic Cats. My Vector I did, as well as had those bearings freeze up on the idler wheels which I had to replace. From "My" experience, I wouldn't have any...
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    Mighty- You might be right on that, but what about all the other problems that are listed in all the seperate model forums on here? I'm just saying that Yamaha hasen't built anything yet that doesn't breakdown also, or have it's quirks. Lets just give them a chance. Arctic Cat has been getting...
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    I love how people all just bash Arctic Cat on here. Do you really think that Yamaha doesn't have their problems? Just that a look in the other forums on here There are pages & pages in the Apex section. The same in the Vector section. So & so on. I bought an 05 Vector brand new & it over heated...
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    It's not another hater thread

    From what I've seen on the few years that I've been on here is that people are going to complain no matter what they bring to the table. They will wait, complain, wait for the next year, complain & so on. I personally like the Viper. I think that it's the best of both worlds.
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    I rode a Viper...amazing handling!

    [quote="Hammer 1" I for one like it but sure will miss that Yamaha sound. It should sound pretty much the same being it's the nytro engine. Just doesn't have the exhaust out the back.
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    Just Another Day On TY....Oh Was It Different

    Good post. I ,myself have only rode Arctic Cat up until I bought my 05 Vector & 05 RX-1. I never had any major problems with my cats, in fact, I never had to bring them to the shop! Watching Snotrax TV for the last few years, they said that Arctic Cat's fit & finish is among the top now. I guess...
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    I'm Done. Thanks for nothing Yamaha.

    Only if it was the older version :jump:
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    I'm Done. Thanks for nothing Yamaha.

    I think that this is great! Awsome engine with an Awsome chassis. That's like taking the Cummins & Hemi out of the Dodge & putting it into a Chev. How can't you love it?
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    Yamaha R.I.P 2013-02-20 or ?

    I'd buy one. All of my regular riders were cats except for the last 2 which were Yamaha. The only reason that I switched was I loved the looks of the RX-1 ever since they came out & had to have one. I never had any problems with the Cats or even had to bring them back to the dealer. Not even a...
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    By Race sleds if you mean the Sharks, than yes they are all copies. There are a few TOC Invaders left though.
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    Yamaha engine + Arctic Cat chassis = Awsome sled! I was saying this back 10yrs ago when I was riding AC.
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    RX1 suspension

    Yes it does if your going to service those bearings. Yamaha figures that you are going to take the skid out to replace the hifax since the windows on the track are small and the majority of the people are going to take it to the shop to have it done. A Yamaha Tech that I talked to when I was...