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  1. Blue08Nytro

    08 Nytro Hitting Rev Limiter

    Kind of stumped here my 08 Nytro sounds like its hitting rev limiter at random speeds sometimes its 110kmh other times its 170 or just about any speed over 110 ish it seems. But it doesn't happen everytime I'm really not sure what could be causing it. I replaced the drive cogs on it last fall...
  2. Blue08Nytro

    Colour Matched Paint for Blue Nytro

    Hey guys, I'm new here so if this has been asked a million times forgive me but I'm looking to paint my low windshield for my Blue 08 Nytro and I'm having a hard time finding the right colour matched paint, I believe the correct name for the colour is "Deep Purplish Blue Solid". So I'm...