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    Precision EFI Tune

    Anyone running the Precision EFI Stage 1R tune. How does it compare to the others thinking about going this route.
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    Ski Doo is dropping a bomb on snowmobile industry

    Rumor has it 850 turbo 2 stroke in New mountain sled any truth to this :die
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    Super Cross

    Looks like Yamaha is finally back in the game for super cross. 1st and 2nd in the 250 class and 1st place in the 450'S Barcia look the best he's looked in a while, hope he can keep it up.
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    Pro Cross Chassis

    Did anyone see the results from the USXC race this past weekend Cat dominated the 1st thru 3rd positions. Looks like there was some YAMAHA power plants in a couple of them also. I guess this out dated chassis is enough to take it to the competition with there new tricked out race sleds. There's...
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    Inverted Drivers

    I will be changing out the track on my 14 Viper. The exverted drivers are killing my track clips and it is almost impossible to align the track, even with 4th wheel kit. Will the inverted drivers help with this. I will be updating the Jack shaft to the newer one changing all bearings along with...
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    Nytro supercharger clutch weights

    Going to be clutching my buddies supercharged Nytro. He wants to keep stock secondary for now(save some money)or i would just order a complete kit. I want to use STM adjustable primary weights. What base weight should I use the 50 or 60 grams and should I use the trail or turbo ones. It is a...
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    Gearing Chart

    Does anyone have or know off were i can get the gear ratio's with the driver information that ULLMER had on his old web site i cant seem to be able to find it on his new one. I have a 2014 viper ltx with Hurrican 190 turbo kit ,Daves clutch kit , and 24/41 gearing. The clutches are not machined...
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    Ullmer Intake Kit

    Im going on a 3 day trip on my snowmachine I will be removing the filters and putting on the stock airbox(to much intake noise for that long of a ride)what I want to know is should I remove the dyno-jet controller or would it be beneficial to leave it on there.