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  1. Dusty Dan

    Electrical help urgently needed

    I have two fingers that have had major reconstruction resulting in very poor circulation which at times, causes severe pain. It so happens that they are the same two that I use on the brake lever. I purchased a heated brake lever that was supposed to be plug and play, however it arrived with...
  2. Dusty Dan

    Christmas on Father's Day

    I have been given permission from the Boss to buy a new snowmobile if I can decide on what. I am also assured that it has nothing to do with the new sewing machine that will be arriving. Not a bad start to Father's Day!! Now, what to buy? Thinking non current Viper.
  3. Dusty Dan

    Anyone with trips to Quebec planned?

    I received this message recently, a bummer because I was wanting to go there this year. "Quebec has banned after market studs on their roads." http://fcmq.qc.ca/press-release/?lang=en
  4. Dusty Dan

    Vector upgrades---- M20, Curve skis, Assault shocks

    Before getting into this I would like to thank Northern Sledder for his help and encouragement throughout this process, a truly generous, sharing person. Also a tip of the hat to Mr Sled for his help and patience with answering my questions on the Curve skis. Overall this site has been a...