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  1. Joseph Levandoski

    Reverse Alarm Issue - Help Needed

    At the end of last season, I noticed that my reverse alarm was not working correctly - it's now barely audible and makes more of a fizzing, continuous "bee" versus the standard "beep beep" (getting real technical here). I was finally able to get it into the garage, tear it apart for other...
  2. Joseph Levandoski

    Battery Issue

    The 2021 season was not easy on my 'Winder - first I had to have both rails replaced (both cracked), I then bent the tunnel and kind of trashed the jackshaft and chaincase bearings (rideable until the end of the season) and finally went through a few batteries (thanks to a bad voltage...
  3. Joseph Levandoski

    Oil Tank Drain Plug

    Now that we’ve been staying at a new hotel in Maine with access to a heated warehouse on the former Loring Air Force Base, I’ve been looking at ways to make seasonal maintenance easier. One of the items that crossed my mind is the 2,500 mile oil change (since we hit this amount at least twice...
  4. Joseph Levandoski

    ECU Tuning - Higher Mileage

    Officially, the season is over and the sleds are home (so now starts my 'honey-do list'). Before I pull the plug and spend a bunch of money on an ECU tune, I was curious to see what mileage everyone has reflashed their sleds at. Realistically speaking, I'd stick to the Stage 1 flash from...
  5. Joseph Levandoski

    Boost Gauge & Mount

    I've been looking to add a boost gauge to my SideWinder (just as one of those things to add - I wish Yamaha gave us one right from the factory). Since there doesn't appear to be an accessory vacuum port off the intake plumbing, I was looking at the Precision EFI silicone charge tubes, but I'm...
  6. Joseph Levandoski

    Speedometer Issues

    I started to notice that the right side of my gauge cluster darkens at night and starts to act slow (similarly to how the whole gauge is when starting the engine on a cold morning). If I replace the gauge cluster, do I lose all the information on it (mileage, hours, etc)? I saw somewhere that...
  7. Joseph Levandoski

    Fuel & Coolant Breather Hoses

    Anyone have an idea what material the breather hoses are made out of for the coolant and fuel tanks? Pulled apart my 'Winder this weekend and found the fuel breather hose was melted by the exhaust manifold. I'm trying to reroute these lines to dump in front of the engine - with the heat damage...
  8. Joseph Levandoski

    Group Communication

    Last season, my father and I were out on a ride at night and became separated by quite a few miles (you know those moments where the snow dust from everyone up front is too much and you drop WAY back). He ended up turning off the main trail onto another trail (for those of you familiar with...
  9. Joseph Levandoski

    Solid Bogey Wheel Replacement

    Doing some pre-season maintenance on my '19 XTX LE and I've found the new rear wheels Yamaha installed on the 2019+ models are pretty cheap (OK, they're stupidly cheap). Has anyone found solid bogey wheels similar to what Ski-Doo and Polaris use on their snowmobiles (specifically the X-RS models)?
  10. Joseph Levandoski

    Oil Change Requirements

    Planning a trip to northern Maine for a weeklong trip and was doing a little mental math before noticing that I'll exceed the 2,500 mile oil change interval as required by the owner's manual by a good margin (1,000+ miles over that interval). However, I do remember there was a Ski-dooTrax...
  11. Joseph Levandoski

    Rear Bumper & Snow Flap

    Has anyone found a replacement heavy duty rear bumper for a 141" model? A lot of the bumpers I see fit the 153"+ sleds. Dug out my XTX a ton this weekend and really started to hate how small the grab area is for this bumper. Saw a new Apex XTX on the showroom floor and noticed how much space...
  12. Joseph Levandoski

    It's Finally Here

    May have missed the first good snow of the season now that all the rain has hit the trails, but the sled is finally here (and almost ready - the rear bag and a couple more items aren't on yet). Changed out the windshield to something a little bigger, added a skid plate, added the belly pan...
  13. Joseph Levandoski

    Handlebar Pad

    Has anyone added or changed out the handlebar pad? I'm going to be cutting the center grab strap off my XTX and want to find a viable replacement. Curious to see if the nice OEM Yamaha pad found on the "true" Yamahas (Apex, Vector, Nytro, etc.) will fit on the 'Winder or if you've found other...
  14. Joseph Levandoski

    SideWinder XTX LE Skis

    I'm selling the stock skis on my SideWinder XTX (the Yamaha mountain ski) and would like to see what people have used as a viable replacement. I was looking through the "Skis Poll" on this page and noticed it's all over the place. Realistically, I will NOT be installing the Tuner skis as we all...
  15. Joseph Levandoski

    Miscellaneous Items

    Looking to see if anyone has used a couple of items I am looking at for my Sidewinder (hopefully being delivered soon - the excitement is killing me). Has anyone run the Rox Speed FX Flec-Tec hand guards with a medium sport windshield (and stock riser) without hitting the windshield? What's the...
  16. Joseph Levandoski

    2019 SideWinder Rear Wheel Kit

    Purchased two 2019 SideWinder XTX LEs this year and we're going to do a full rear wheel kit before the snow starts flying (among some other minor upgrades). Does anyone have the part numbers to the new full rear wheel kit being offered by Yamaha and Arctic Cat on the 137 models? I would like to...
  17. Joseph Levandoski

    Aluminum Charge Tubes

    Has anyone ridden with aluminum charge tubes like the ones available from Excell? Looking to add a couple "hot rod" parts to my sled so it's a little different than my father's (who ordered the same snowmobile). Looking to see if this is a worthwhile venture and actually is worth the $240?
  18. Joseph Levandoski

    Ice Scratcher Problems

    A guy riding in our group has a 2015 Apex 128 with ice scratchers installed on the skid rails. Dealer installed them during the 2017 season when we were running on low snow (I'm honestly not sure the manufacturer). We found that even with the scratchers tucked away in the "storage mounts", they...
  19. Joseph Levandoski

    2019 Sidewinder X-TX LE Spring Orders

    Took a Ski-Doo 850 E-TEC out for a ride and I was not impressed. I expected much more out of the 160+ HP engine and G4 chassis. Definitely turned me off as I felt no noticeable improvement over my stock Viper. A month later, I took a ride on a Sidewinder and I was absolutely blown away. I can...
  20. Joseph Levandoski

    Oil Tank Update - From 2014 to 2015+

    Going to be changing out the oil tank this year while doing a track swap (thanks to all of you who commented. It definitely made the process seem much less daunting). Would like to know if there is a list of parts Yamaha released with the 2015+ oil tank update bulletin? The Yamaha Parts website...