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  1. swmpr1

    Chaincase removal and inspection

    what seals the case halves? is it a gasket or oring?
  2. swmpr1

    oil change time

    yeah, that's true.. I think I will do it now then in the spring..
  3. swmpr1

    oil change time

    What milage is everyone doing their first and second oil changes at? I have 200 miles on my viper and want to change it before this season, but is that too early? if I do the first service early do I do the second early as well? dealer says 500 on first, not sure on this. I did 500 on my nytro...
  4. swmpr1

    bar riser from a/c 7000

    that's the one I was thinking of, im 6'2 as well, feels like it needs an inch. thanks
  5. swmpr1

    bar riser from a/c 7000

    haven't seen any post on this, or just missed it if there was, but has anyone tried using a bar riser out of the arctic cat acc. catalog for an xf7000 on a viper? they have a decent selection of different heights.
  6. swmpr1

    Did a little wrenching today. CHECK YOUR TRIHUB!

    what would the trihub be?
  7. swmpr1

    Bluetooth helmets?

    I have been using the sena smh10 units for several years, bought them for the motorcycles, but use them in the winter in the sled helmets, my wife is the only one in our group that has it, but it works great if your within visual line of sight, its Bluetooth so the range isn't the same as a...
  8. swmpr1

    sport windshields and HID headlights

    couldn't find any hids on the yamaheater website, am I looking in the wrong place?
  9. swmpr1

    Hot start Issue found??

    that's what mine does, sometimes cranks longer tho, did he hit the throttle to get it fired? if I do that, it will start but throws that code almost instantly. and mine a so-called 2015 model.
  10. swmpr1

    sport windshields and HID headlights

    Has anyone put on one of the new sport windshields? if so, how high is it? I have the med. regular windshield and its huge. just wondering what the center height is on the sport style. also whos had good results with HID headlights, I had the 4.3k's in my nytro and they were great, but who makes...
  11. swmpr1

    Hot start Issue found??

    Stingray, whats your hot start issue act like? mine doesn't throw a code unless you open the throttle while its cranking and not starting..
  12. swmpr1

    Hot start Issue found??

    I tried to duplicate the hot start over the weekend, ran it until coolant was about 160 and intake air said 88, shut off and heat soaked for a few minutes, then tried to start, just cranked, no start. but noticed the fan didn't run when I turned the key to on, so it didn't blast heat into the...
  13. swmpr1

    2015 Viper Production

    I bought an early 15, its a 15 model year, but production date is in 14, its an orange and blue ltx, dealer said wasn't supposed to sell it till after may 1st. it wasn't a demo as it was brand new, 0 miles.
  14. swmpr1

    2015 viper ltx p1338

    pretty strange problem really, its hit or miss if its going to do it or not. I hope they figure it out soon.
  15. swmpr1

    2015 viper ltx p1338

    I talked to them today, let them know what was going on.
  16. swmpr1

    2015 viper ltx p1338

    so I picked up a new 2015 viper ltx last week, took it riding this weekend, and at 11 miles on the odometer I shut it off to take a break at an intersection. 5 minutes later went to start it, cranked for quite some time, then finally started but had an alarm on the display, P1338. ran it for a...
  17. swmpr1

    fuel starvation at wot

    interesting, came on tonite to see if anyone else has had this happen.. mine just started doing it at about 12,000 miles, I changed plugs, coils, fuel, has new donuts, still does it. it now has 13,000 miles and still bugs me as to what it is. feels like a hesitation under hard load about 3/4 to...
  18. swmpr1

    Post your Nytro mileage

    08 rtx 9,600 miles.
  19. swmpr1

    extra lighting

    I agree with the hid's. I put them in my 08 back after my first ride, been loving them since, and do alot of nite riding. its got 9'600 miles with them in it now. no problems
  20. swmpr1

    Tuner Ski Information

    whats everyone running for setup on these skis? Have them and hate them, atleast with the old skis it would go around a corner. hows eveyone set the front strap/spring?