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    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    Apparently we just get ignored. All silent from YAMAHA
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    2022 Power Surge Cancellations

    Wow this thread has veered off, anyway I find it Interesting how US preordered sled are 100% Delivered and us Canucks get only 91% delivery of “Verified “ orders. So if you weren’t home when the phone call came you weren’t VERIFIED?? So I wonder what the actual percentage would be. ?? Have...
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    2022 Power Surge Cancellations

    Yea Hope your LTX GT arrives soon and you get snow. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Cheers
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    2022 Power Surge Cancellations

    Stain Not sure if you we referring to my post or not A little Ranting is cleansing every now and then LOL And I certainly wasn’t referring to changing dealers when I questioned where I should order next year. My dealer has given me excellent service for over 2 decades. My question...
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    2022 Power Surge Cancellations

    Canadian cancellation here And yes I’m a BITTER OLD MAN After riding Yamaha’s for over 2 decades i Gave in and preordered a 2022 SRX YamaCat April 6 order and got my congratulations email shortly afterwards…. And please order any accessories you would like as we are in pandemic related...
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    A new High Performance Trail 2-Stroke YamaCat in the works for next season?

    Definitely wishful thinking Sorry Yamaha canceled thousands of sidewinders this year, floor models , dealer demos, and customer Preorder sleds. Hard to build sleds when you have no manufacturing capacity. Waiting for another company to build your sleds. Nothing new next year
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    2022 Power Surge Cancellations

    Guaranteed Delivery???
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    Much talked about mach z sidewinder race

    Yea… then that lump of snow freezes, it’s like hitting a log. Not Fun !!
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    2022 Power Surge Cancellations

    Just looking at a file I have for my power surge order with a list of accessories ordered that now I apparently won’t need as I’m told by my Dealer that Yamaha has canceled my snowmobile order That’s odd as I’m looking at the fancy brochure from Yamaha showing the advantages of their...
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    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    Still upset over my SRX cancellation, and euchered is not the word I’m thinking.
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    2022 Preorder build dates/delivery dates

    So … April 6 I ordered a 2022 SRX and paid the deposit . This summer, July I believe, I got a call from a Yamaha rep confirming my order . Checked with my Dealer in September… My sled was in the 2nd shipment due November. So today I dropped in to Dealer and got flattened!! My order is...
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    2022... disappointed!

    This is where I’m at. Loved the handling and ride of the Sidewinder in 2017, drove a friends sled. But after the first year the sled from Hell appeared. He experienced every issue known to the Sidewinder, I personally towed him home twice. His was the lemon but soured me on the Sidewinder. Fast...
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    How Many Buyers Bought 2022 With EPS

    After many years waiting for another Japanese snowmobile with the Apex engine, I finally gave in and ordered 2022 SRX. 15000 miles on my third APEX, my old knees are complaining, time to try the Sidewinder. Most ? Of the bugs are sorted Out by now. Looking forward to next year...
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    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I love the look of this Viper. if u want to talk ugly look no farther that the 4 stroke Phazer. that thing is homley! Saw the new VIPER xtx today (display only for us, no demo!!) nice sled. sounds awesome, looks great from 5 feet. fit n finish is...
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    2009 Apex LTX GT

    Great sled X2 with FUSIONS coments
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    Canadian Vs. US Pricing - They've Done it again......

    The price difference is sickening. their reasoning is total BS. The canadian dealers are stuck in the middle. The only way it will improve is if we stop buying sleds in canada and sales tank. i had planned to stick with my 2009 apex until an unfortunate incident .....but thats another thread...
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    Feedback on ski's

    wow guess im the only one who is not in love with these skis. have only had them on for 100 miles,no pushing in the corners,good under power but i still have a low speed darting issue. i like how they are 1 inch wider than the stock ski for some extra flotation offtrail and they are an...
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    keep blowning fuse on accessory for heated shield on 2009 gt

    Had the same problem with my 2006 and 2009 Apexes. Changed to 5 amp fuse and problem solved
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    Fault code E1 apex 06

    check your driveshaft bearing.when it goes it ruins your speed sensor and gives you this error. sled will start but dies when you try to move it. disconnecting speed sensor connection should get you moving.
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    How many miles on one bar of gas?

    28 Miles on a groomed trail,driving er.. briskly. unfortunately this was 2 miles short of the gas station, and my Doo buddies have pictures of me being towed!!@#$*$$.