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  1. Jeffz

    Bought used MPI 180 kit for Nytro, missing parts?

    I seem to be missing the vent for the small tube that plugged into the air box as well as the tube and breather for the top of the oil tank. Does anyone have pictures of what they look like? Or does MPI still sell parts for them?
  2. Jeffz

    Installing 1.5x128, clutching?

    I've done a little digging on here and couldn't find a solid answer. Am I going to need and clutch changes when going to this from a stock track? 08 RTX basically stock.
  3. Jeffz

    Which Fox shocks are these?

    Picked these up at Haydays. Sold as "Nytro Fox Race Shocks" with 500 miles on them. Wondering if anyone knew a little more about them?
  4. Jeffz

    Muffin Works

    I purchased the FX Nytro rear bumper and Apex 136"extension from them back in November. Amazing price on everything during their sale. Quality and finish are excellent, as well as costumer advice! During my Feb trip to Michigan I bent my rear MW bumper when I had the rear end of my Nytro roped...
  5. Jeffz

    How to tell difference between 08 and 09 A arms

    I was sold an 08 RTX which claimed to have the updated 09 front end parts. I'm a little skeptical. I need to order bushings and ball joints and want to make sure I order the correct parts. I've noticed pictures of the 09 bushings look like the are all the same size where as the 08's have 4...
  6. Jeffz

    A friends custom Nytro

    A friend had some powder coating done and a custom wrap made for his Nytro.
  7. Jeffz

    Rough Idle, Misfire

    I went out Thursday night and my Phazer ran awesome. It sat in the garage over night and when I started it Friday night, it would idle erratically and sounded like it was misfiring. When it's on the trail it runs just fine with a slight over-rev when you punch from from a stop, but always backs...
  8. Jeffz

    Oil leak after no-start?

    I regrettably left my 07 out last night and this morning (-15) it would not start. I went inside to get my battery charger and when i came back out there was a drip and puddle under the skid plate. I will tear it apart this afternoon but was wondering if anyone might have an idea why or where...
  9. Jeffz

    Spindle Fix

    After breaking both spindles on different rides last year, I'm down to my last good set of back-ups. Now the top hole in the right side is egged out from not using Loc-tite and improperly torquing the bolt. It also wore into the top of the spindle. Here is my fix for this problem. I first milled...
  10. Jeffz

    Simmons Mounts

    I did some searching on here but couldn't find the thread I was looking for. I remember reading that there were 2 different Yamaha mounts for Simmons skis. There is a set I found that has Yam-N stamped in them. Would these be the correct mounts or is there different mount I need? Thanks!
  11. Jeffz

    IA,MN,WI Tri-state area riders....

    My club (Driftrunners) will be hosting their 40th annual Snowfest this year, January 20-23 in Cresco, Iowa. We still have snow, and the outlook looks promising for this area. If you've never ridden here, you're missing out on a great trail system!
  12. Jeffz

    Is my subframe bent?

    Had the front end off to make some steering block bushings (Upbushman style) and noticed a bend in the square tubing at the bottom of the subframe. This isn't supposed to be here is it?
  13. Jeffz

    5w30 oil ok to use?

    Wanna ride today before the snow melts, but nobody in town carries 0w30! Will 5w30 work?
  14. Jeffz

    Removing starter

    I think my starter went the other day. There is a very high pitched squeal coming from the solenoid/relay when i turn the key over. I can see where the starter is at but was wondering how the %&**# I can get it out of there. I'm not grinding anything as suggested in other threads, i'd rather...
  15. Jeffz

    Hand guards

    Whats everyone running for hand guards? I had an unknown brand on mine that worked great until my dad rolled my sled. I'm not shelling out $70+ on OEM guards and I looked at the RSI's and they have the same mount system as the cheap knock-offs I tried unsuccessfully fitting this weekend. The...
  16. Jeffz

    Upper tunnel side panel PN?

    I see that the '09s an '10s have a body colored side panel that covers the seat rail next to the inside of your knees. I'm not talking about the aluminum louvered ones available as accessories, these are molded plastic ones. I can't seem to find it in the parts diagrams, so I figured someone...
  17. Jeffz

    Handlebars and ski's don't line up after roll over

    So I let my dad take my 07 out for a spin today and he rolled it. It landed on top of him and bruised some ribs and his ego, but he'll be fine. When he rode back to where I was, the bars and riser were not straight but the skis were. To get by, we held the ski's while twisting the bars to...
  18. Jeffz

    M10 in 07 Phazer

    Just wondering if anyone has installed a FAST M10 in their Phazer. I just rebuilt mine after having everything powdercoated and the shocks rebuilt. It's currently in my '97 SX chassis, but I won't be riding that any more so the M10 is going in the Phazer next season. I was wondering if anyone...