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  1. SidewinderConvert

    Re using the stock intake for heat exhaust

    This year I added an under hood WAI and was looking at the hood and stock intake ducting. I am thinking about just running without the ducting to use that vent in the hood as an exhaust for hot air to escape the engine bay. Can anybody think of any cons to doing this? It seems to me to be a...
  2. SidewinderConvert

    My custom magnetic heated visor + kill switch connector

    I have seen guys adding the Yamaha tether to their machines and ultimately really like the idea of a tether on a 280HP sled with 192 studs in the track in the event of an accident but really don't want to plug in 2 or more things every time I get back on the machine after the rest of my group...
  3. SidewinderConvert

    Suspension mount rivets loose

    Just a heads up on another thing to keep an eye out for. Last year, my sled took a pounding (entirely my fault) and now has ~75% of the rivets in the tunnel loose, but more importantly, the 4 structural rivets holding the rear suspension brackets onto the tunnel were so loose I could not only...
  4. SidewinderConvert

    Spray welding in Milwaukee area?

    My driveshaft bearing has spun, I am trying to find a shop in the area here to weld it back up and make the shaft right but have so far struck out. Anyone have any suggestions for who to reach out to?
  5. SidewinderConvert

    DMC top gear wear (good things)

    After wearing the stock gear to the point the chain case came out of gear within 1500 miles on my sled I swapped over to the DMC top gear. Both the factory top gear and the DMC gear were set to 1.5 turns out on the tensioner and both were driven about the same way. After 2000 more hard miles...
  6. SidewinderConvert

    Closed Loop with E85?

    Has anyone tried this yet? There is a station around the cabin where I could get E85 for the sled. If the closed loop works the way I think it should (add fuel until lambda = 1) and you have enough overhead in your fuel pump/injectors everything should run correct right? I would think the...
  7. SidewinderConvert

    Ripsaw II 1.5 with run quiet bumps?

    Does anyone know if the Rip II is available with 2-play, 1.5in lug and the run quiet bumps? I can't find anything that calls the run quiet bumps out specifically.
  8. SidewinderConvert

    JT Big wheel kit?

    This weekend my yamaha 4th wheel kit came loose taking the right hand side track tensioner and center axle out with it. I was able to jury rig a fix to limp the sled home but need to replace pretty much the entire right hand side of the assembly. I am thinking about just going to the JT wheel...
  9. SidewinderConvert

    Sidewinders and Mr. Sled are both awesome!

    Finally got my 2018 out for a full weekend and had my first (mostly) trouble free trip thanks to some (ok, maybe more than just some) help from Mr. Sled rebuilding it. Previously I had coolant leaks, continuously blown belts and studs breaking off which all killed trips. The biggest issue all...
  10. SidewinderConvert

    Does anyone know where in centeral WI I can get a clutch puller by tomorrow?

    See title. Have a trip next week and moved the stub shaft blowing a belt.
  11. SidewinderConvert

    63mm offset without spacers??

    I have blown 2 belts in the 500 miles I have had the sled. When I bought it, I set offset to 58 or 59mm, I don't remember which. Now after the 500 miles and 2 belts I am measuring a 64.2mm offset, after removing the circlip I am only at 63mm offset. Checking with a mirror the bolts behind the...
  12. SidewinderConvert

    Missing Studs vs Too long studs?

    I got up north to fix clutches/studs only to find out that the woody's rep was wrong on the length of stud that I have (He thought I had 1.575" studs, turns out I have 1.450" studs). Odds are I am not going to be able to get replacements in time for a 5 day trip next week, although I will try...
  13. SidewinderConvert

    What stud is this?

    Finally got to put some real miles on my winder, the idiot who installed the studs (I bought the sled used) didn't tighten any of them down and I am an idiot for not checking.... Long story short I lost 20 studs in 500 miles. Can anyone tell what model stud these are so I can replace the...
  14. SidewinderConvert

    Charge tube ID? (for making a boost leak tester)

    After having my sled out last weekend I noticed I was only making 15.5 PSI of boost on a TD max spool 16 tune. I would like to run a quick leak test tonight when I get up north again. Does anyone know the charge tube ID so I can buy fittings to put together a leak tester today?
  15. SidewinderConvert

    Storage Options.... Linq bag broke in under 50 miles

    Finally got the sidewinder out for the first time this year yesterday. Western UP has snow but it is very early conditions. However, within the first 50 miles or so, my new linq bag broke. I had maybe 5-10ibs of stuff in the bag and the plastic base snapped at the 4 mount points. Does...
  16. SidewinderConvert

    Error codes in ecu but not on dash?

    My TD flasher is showing both a P100A and a P1236 error code, but neither one of these codes are displayed on the dash. From googling it looks like on the dash the P100A is a throttle cable sensor issue and P1236 is boost leak. Is this still the case when the codes don't display on the dash...
  17. SidewinderConvert

    Yet another chaincase problem thread

    Ripped into the chain case today to check the top gear, after just 1285 miles (total on the sled) the bushing was completely shot. The real problem is the chain case cover shows pretty significant scoring from what appears to have been the reverse chain rubbing. 1. Is the rubbed...
  18. SidewinderConvert

    Secondary without spacing washers?

    I am currently aligning the clutches on my new to me sidewinder. When I got it the offset was 61.5mm, the service manual is saying 58.1-61.1mm, by removing the only washer behind the secondary (right against the bearing/clip) the offset becomes 59.6mm. Is it acceptable to run the clutch...
  19. SidewinderConvert

    Stud/Carbide Sharpening?

    Was looking at the track on my machine today and noticed the studs are already fairly worn. The previous owner installed them but they appear to be Woody's Grand Master Studs. Has anybody sharpened their studs/carbides and noticed a significant difference? I have always had the track go...
  20. SidewinderConvert

    Small Oil Leak on 2020

    Went over to a family member's who has a 2020 with ~600 miles on the sled this weekend. We were looking at the machine and noticed there is a slow leak from the oil tank similar to what other users here have observed on the pre-2020 sleds. Opening up the intake there was a significant amount...