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  1. swmpr1

    oil change time

    What milage is everyone doing their first and second oil changes at? I have 200 miles on my viper and want to change it before this season, but is that too early? if I do the first service early do I do the second early as well? dealer says 500 on first, not sure on this. I did 500 on my nytro...
  2. swmpr1

    bar riser from a/c 7000

    haven't seen any post on this, or just missed it if there was, but has anyone tried using a bar riser out of the arctic cat acc. catalog for an xf7000 on a viper? they have a decent selection of different heights.
  3. swmpr1

    sport windshields and HID headlights

    Has anyone put on one of the new sport windshields? if so, how high is it? I have the med. regular windshield and its huge. just wondering what the center height is on the sport style. also whos had good results with HID headlights, I had the 4.3k's in my nytro and they were great, but who makes...
  4. swmpr1

    2015 viper ltx p1338

    so I picked up a new 2015 viper ltx last week, took it riding this weekend, and at 11 miles on the odometer I shut it off to take a break at an intersection. 5 minutes later went to start it, cranked for quite some time, then finally started but had an alarm on the display, P1338. ran it for a...
  5. swmpr1

    shock pressures

    has any one recharged the shocks on thier phazer fx? im looking to just check and recharge the front and rear shocks on my 07 phazer fx but cant seeme to find anything about what the nitrogen pressures should be. has anyone done this or atleast have an idea where to look. did a quick search here...
  6. swmpr1

    2.5mm upper ball joint mod...

    Hate to revisit this old topic, but cant seem to read through all the old topics and get some real positive responses on this, read alot about people say it worked great then a little while later saying that they werent quite sure. I really am just looking for a show of hands as to who thinks...
  7. swmpr1

    Hid lites... Whats everyone running for temp(K) /color?

    just wondering what everyone is running or thinks is a good temp / color for snow? what shows up best and gives the best amount of light, dont want to get into what brand is better, just what shows up best. thanks
  8. swmpr1

    stronger rear springs available?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there are stronger rear springs (torsion)available for the rtx? im a big guy so i figured the rtx would be the sled to get with the stiffest suspension but am somewhat dissapointed in the rear skid being too soft. I havent seen any mention of replacement heavier...
  9. swmpr1

    studding question??

    going to be studding my 07 fx. i didnt buy yamaha's expensive tunnel protectors, because i saw what others have done on here with hyfax rivited to the tunnel, but didnt see any form of protection for the front of the tunnel where the heat exchanger is. is this necessary to guard this as well? it...
  10. swmpr1

    Anyone know the part number for mid-height windshield?

    got a question, i have an rtx with the small windshield(if its even called that) just wondering if anyone has the part number for the windshield for the regular nitro model, i think that windshield would offer more wet protection for the pod and what not, is the regular nitro windshield the...
  11. swmpr1

    Phazer Handguards

    Did all the Phazer FX's come with handguards? i picked mine up 3 weeks ago and it doesnt have them, yet i have seen a bunch of the fx's with them? whats the deal? did i miss out on something or what? Mike