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  1. Jeffz

    Bought used MPI 180 kit for Nytro, missing parts?

    I seem to be missing the vent for the small tube that plugged into the air box as well as the tube and breather for the top of the oil tank. Does anyone have pictures of what they look like? Or does MPI still sell parts for them?
  2. Jeffz

    3 into 3 exhaust

    Check out https://www.fxgarageworks.com/ for flex pipes for 4 stroke Yamahas.
  3. Jeffz

    09 FX Nytro running at 9000 rpm groomed trail

    Noticed this same issue on mine while riding groomed trails as well. Actually saw 9200 and I didn't have the flipper all the way to the bar yet. Only modification that may affect clutching is a 1.5x128 track.
  4. Jeffz

    Installing 1.5x128, clutching?

    I've done a little digging on here and couldn't find a solid answer. Am I going to need and clutch changes when going to this from a stock track? 08 RTX basically stock.
  5. Jeffz

    Change your belts! :)

    Good advice! Just cleaning your belt every season helps write a bit too. Although I put a new one on last year I lucked out and found 3 used ones for $25 at a swap meet. Each only used 1 season since the guy put a new one on every year.
  6. Jeffz

    Lining up rear skid hole?

    I use a ratchet strap as well. Works great.
  7. Jeffz

    Wanted: Snowmobiling Girlfriend

    I think I found a good one. I've been helping her collect riding gear, including a used Yamaha jacket, new Yamaha bibs and she bought her own helmet and gloves. I took her out for her first ride 2-up on my Nytro and let her drive back. I then put her on dad's '85 Phazer and let her lead to set...
  8. Jeffz

    Which Fox shocks are these?

    Picked these up at Haydays. Sold as "Nytro Fox Race Shocks" with 500 miles on them. Wondering if anyone knew a little more about them?
  9. Jeffz

    Spindle bushing removal, premium bushing upgrade

    Has anyone has problems with bi-metal corrosion between the stainless and aluminum? I imagine this setup can only be better compared to stock but the metal combination worries me a bit.
  10. Jeffz

    Muffin Works

    I purchased the FX Nytro rear bumper and Apex 136"extension from them back in November. Amazing price on everything during their sale. Quality and finish are excellent, as well as costumer advice! During my Feb trip to Michigan I bent my rear MW bumper when I had the rear end of my Nytro roped...
  11. Jeffz

    Oils chaincase/motor oil...Yamaha lube, or Amsoil fully synthetic??

    I've had no problems in 6000+ miles on my 07 using Amsoil 4-stroke Synthetic. Changed the filter once to the K&N.
  12. Jeffz

    Projector headlights

    I have the 4500k in my Phazer and i'll be installing the same set in my Nytro and my Dad's Apex. It's the best mod i've ever done to a sled considering how much night riding I do. I can ride behind someone and outshine their headlight.
  13. Jeffz

    2008 Rear Idler Wheels

    I just purchased a used pair of 7" 7 spoke Yamaha wheels from Barn of Parts Sled Salvage in the classifieds. Right in your price range if he still has some.
  14. Jeffz

    How to tell difference between 08 and 09 A arms

    I'll take my caliper home on my lunch break and measure it for you.
  15. Jeffz

    How to tell difference between 08 and 09 A arms

    I will also be switching to a set of longer Float 3s when I put the new spindles on. No need to change the rear skid mounting points on an RTX either. I have been considering the Mountain tech skid plate. Thanks for the help.
  16. Jeffz

    How to tell difference between 08 and 09 A arms

    Thanks Grizz. Looks like I was sold an 08 with 08 parts. Does the difference in the newer arms make big difference in handling? I'll be using the JRE Trail King spindles. Maybe I should just find a sweet of 09+ arms.
  17. Jeffz

    How to tell difference between 08 and 09 A arms

    I was sold an 08 RTX which claimed to have the updated 09 front end parts. I'm a little skeptical. I need to order bushings and ball joints and want to make sure I order the correct parts. I've noticed pictures of the 09 bushings look like the are all the same size where as the 08's have 4...
  18. Jeffz

    A friends custom Nytro

    Ha, I didn't even see that the shocks were missing. I have no idea what he has planned.
  19. Jeffz

    Nytro windshield

    I have a chrome like that. I've been looking for a black one to replace it.
  20. Jeffz

    A friends custom Nytro

    A friend had some powder coating done and a custom wrap made for his Nytro.