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    fuel starvation at wot

    have almost 10,000 mi. for the last 1000 has had a slight fuel starvation at wot. at first thought it was the rev limiter, until I watched the tach. no problem up to like 7/8 throttle, just half the time at wot it starves enough to notice. the only filter I see is on the pump. anyone else...
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    triple rate twisted front springs xtx

    Have 9500 miles, star suspension with modification since 6000. put 350 on the new front springs and love it. dropped the front 3 or 4 inches and rides beatifull. definetly takes more leaning now, but worth it
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    check your secondary side jack shaft bearing hub screws

    before I forget, this happened to me earlier this season. after 7k untouched the screw came out
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    xtx star suspension with broken limiter straps

    over 6000 mi with limiters still good cond. did the star kit. couple hundred miles and very pleased. wanted to have some limiters on hand incase. didn't get them. and ofcourse, snapped both like butter. the kit uses less travel on the front shock. so the limiters suck it up like an inch on the...
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    xtx limiter strap dimensions

    6000 and never had a problem yet. Went to a start suspension kit, few hundred miles and still no problem. want to have a pair on hand. dont have the machine here. no sign of aftermarket application. does antone have rough idea on width and length?????
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    snoscoot starter

    anyone familiar with a snoscoot electric starter. cant find info on it, not even on parts diagram. it is behind the clutch, set into the crankcase. seems to only have 1 screw holding it in, not sure though, could just be stuck with mousecrap/aluminum fluff
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    mono bigboy and revalve

    its been awhile since I did my own apex, where is it that everybody was sending the monoshock for the big boy spring and valve job. if I remember, it was in ny
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    what spring for xtx with 14.5 rollers?

    been following and searching on this. am ordering the 14.5's. has anybody agreed on what spring to use?
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    picked up a cat 4 stroke

    not sure I am getting rid of the nytro just yet, will wait for snow to see how it goes. nice backyard find. little fuel and ignition work and runs great. has "shaper" bars, can be any shape you like. I think I will restore and keep this one. have long lost my love for vintage sleds, but this...
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    third season on xtx

    4000mi in last 2 years, heading north in morning to start 3rd. was going to change slides, but after adding wheels on day one, they are still 70% and even. took off the gen 1's and forked over the dough for gen 3's. made the scratchers from a rail set. made up the rack/seat out of junk. comes...
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    way over the tunnel exhaust

    do it yourself version
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    early prototype edge

    ahead of its time
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    need to set clutch up for the wife

    I have been running the nytro xtx for a couple years now and wife is on the apex. dont think it has had 1000mi on it in 2 seasons. both seasons I changed the belt because it was glazed, not worn though. guessing it mostly happens when riding slow back country, I am thinking I need to tone it...
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    pittsburg NH 3-26-11

    going through withdrawels already
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    snoscoot stator specs help

    anychance someone has specs for the ignition stator coils?
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    98 srx 600 carb float level

    since I cant access the 2 stroke forum and this one is way better. anyone with knowledge of this? these angled bowls have confused me before. I assume that with carbs 45 upsidown, the floats should be parallel to the gasket surface. this one was adjusted to be pependicular to the slide, which...
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    looking at 07 phazer

    I have a nytro xtx and a gt apex, the olelady wants a phazer also. found one here with 2k and a bent lower arm for 2500. seems cheap enough. any real problems with the early phazer?
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    making an xtx float

    I bought this with intent on trail riding and have it dialed in nice with regular simons and steering relocate. set up to rail, lots of ski pressure. well we finally got a real storm and went out last night on some waist deep, heavy snow, for miles uphill as it gets deeper. the terms "light as a...
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    cracked flex head pipe

    2900 on my 06 gt, started to sound like the oladies subaru. bought donuts and tore down. was surprised to find perfect donuts, eventually found a cracked flex pipe. had a bulky weld inside that rubbed and cracked. called dealer and was happy they had one right there. has few months of yes left...
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    2011 xtx sneak peak

    they dropped the weight alot this year