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  1. sledheadgeorge

    SRX ?

    How is the SRX lowered? Is it rear skid shock, shocks or just skid position?
  2. sledheadgeorge

    Limiter strap ?

    Is there any easy way to pull the straps up one whole or do I have to pull the skid?
  3. sledheadgeorge

    Tunnel mount point & Skid ?

    Can anyone tell me about these mount holes, for the rear skid in the tunnel?
  4. sledheadgeorge

    Caliper wobble?

    Any speculation on this now, before I tear into it? The other day when setting up clutching noticed a slight wobble in the caliper while spinning the track on a lift. Tried to load a small video but no luck.
  5. sledheadgeorge

    Machining the Secondary hub ?

    Took my secondary in to get it machined. Needed 4mm cut to get the offset right. When I picked it up they machined the wrong side of the hub. #%&ck. Will this affect the helix travel?
  6. sledheadgeorge

    My Tri-hub solution

    While getting the sled ready for the season, I noticed the hub was ready to grenade. I set this configuration up to try it out. Hopefully I'll have better durability with this setup.
  7. sledheadgeorge

    Compression #s

    What numbers you guys seeing with MCX Apex with low compression pistons?
  8. sledheadgeorge

    137 Skid Transfer ,

    Has anyone tried to relocate front shock of rear skid to this location and seen any change in skid transfer?
  9. sledheadgeorge

    SW 137" shock upgrade

    Got a 18 SW LTX-DX And want to upgrade shocks. Looking for some recommendations from people who have done this already. Fronts would like to have compression & rebound adjustments Rear shocks are not too bad but I definitely need a heavier rate spring on that front skid shock. Would also like to...
  10. sledheadgeorge

    Tri Hub eliminating?

    Has anyone done the 3 wheel mod for the tri hub? Thinking of changing the hub for a 3 wheel setup at the rear.
  11. sledheadgeorge

    Slider wear?

    What kind of mileage you guys getting on a set of sliders? Noticed on the 137, with just the hub and no 4th wheel kit, that they wear fast at the back. Are they like the Apex where it wears to a certain spot and stay for a while?
  12. sledheadgeorge

    Steering column change?

    Has anyone changed out the steering column in a Viper or SW? Kids rolled it and bent it and would like to change it out. Any tips?
  13. sledheadgeorge

    Steering column change?

    Had anyone changed out the steering column in a SW? Kids rolled it and bent it and would like to change it out. Any tips?
  14. sledheadgeorge

    Cold Air Intake?

    Anyone running a CAI without a tune? I'd like to keep stock tunes and get more air flow under the shroud and around the clutches.
  15. sledheadgeorge

    Checking internals on turbo charged apex engine?

    Whats the best way to check and see if a boosted Apex engine has Carrillo rods and JE Pistons without taking it apart? w
  16. sledheadgeorge

    exhaust valve help needed

    Leaving on a northern trip tomorrow and though I would adjust the exhaust valve only to find that the one cable is broken. Getting a cable at this point is not an option. My question to everyone here is; What position should the valve be in to have it open? I can adjust the valve to be open...
  17. sledheadgeorge

    Apex XTX Shock position????

    Has anyone tried the lower mount whole for the rear skid shock on the XTX?
  18. sledheadgeorge

    BOV Adjustment?

    Does any one recognize this BOV? How do you adjust it? Cannot see anything on it were you can. add or remove washers etc. or any way to take it apart.
  19. sledheadgeorge

    Hand warmer ????

    Has any one ever removed hand warmers from one set of bars to a new set? Any pointer or tricks?
  20. sledheadgeorge

    Apex wide front end kit

    Anyone interested in a wide front end kit for Apex chassis shoot me a pm http://ty4stroke.com/threads/apex-chassis-wide-front-end-kit.146771/